Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 1 Update . . .

Sorry I haven't posted in forever . . . it's been pretty busy around here.  But I did want to report that I have stuck to the diet, and am very proud of that.  Exercise however, is another story.  I worked out 4 days last week.  My weekend just kind of got away from me though.

Saturday I woke up at 6:30 to get Luke ready for his football game at 8am.  So we were out the door early, and really only came home to change clothes, grab a different kid, or drop a kid off, and then we were on our way again.  We had two football games for a total of 5+ hours, and a soccer game, and went to a Dallas Stars hockey game that night with some friends.  We were pretty much gone from 7:45am to 10:30pm.  But luckily there were enough stop ins at home, that I was still able to eat well.

Breakfast:  protein shake (don't know if this is paleo . . . but I made it with almond milk)
Snack:  Larabar  (at Caleb's football game)
Lunch:  Leftover tuna cakes with garlic lemon aioli (between football and soccer)
Dinner:  Leftover salmon with sauteed spinach and onion. (between soccer and hockey)
Snack:  Half of a larabar (at the hockey game)
Dessert:  apple and sunflower butter

I was really spent, on Saturday.  I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep, lack of carbs and sugar, or lack of water, or the weather.  Maybe a combination of those things.  It rained on us at Caleb's football game, and the temperature dropped dramatically -- even though I had a sweatshirt on, and had and umbrella . . . I was shivering almost the whole time . . . expending energy.  The soccer game was super cold and windy . . . but by then I had on my winter coat, and a blanket to wrap my legs, so it was better.  Of course, I had kids with me at all of these events too, so I also had to take care of them, and all of their needs.

We slept in on Sunday . . . hallelujah!  And awoke to Luke coming into our room to tell us that there was a lady at the door who wanted to talk to us about our dog getting out.  So upon speaking with her, it turns out that when Fritz got out, our three youngest stinkers left to chase after him . . . and she found Anna sitting on a park bench, all alone, at the edge of the woods, around the corner from our house.  SOOOOOOOO embarrassing (and SCARY)!!!!  And all Anna had on was a winter coat, and a dirty diaper, and that's it.  Oh my.  Anyway, Conference was great . . . and I stuck to my diet well . . . other than skipping a meal because we had more of a brunch than breakfast and lunch.

Brunch:  Two eggs, two bacon, 1/2 avocado (while the fam had pancakes, bacon, and eggs, strawberries, and chocolate milk)
Snack:  Green apple and sunflower butter
Dinner:  Greek chicken, sweet potato hash, steamed green beans (the fam ate this too, but they also had biscuits)
Dessert:  2 squares dark chocolate

I made pumpkin bars to take over to our nice neighbor to thank her for returning our children and three-legged dog safely . . . and for not calling CPS.  ;)

It turns out that when she was walking the kids home, Claire was telling her how we usually went to church, but today we got to stay home and watch Conference on TV, and listen to the Prophet.  The lady asked Claire what the prophet was, and Claire looked at her like she was crazy, and said, "you don't know who the prophet is?????"  Soooooo, we got to have a nice discussion about Mormons and the church, and our basic beliefs.  She was cute and said that she believed all those same things that we did (God, Jesus, Spirit -- 3 seperate beings; families exist beyond the grave; ancient prophets, etc.).  She kind of started freaking out and said, "I think I'm a Mormon!!!  I think I've been a Mormon all these years and didn't even know it!!".  Then she asked if we drink beer, and when I told her that we didn't, she was like, "oh, well, maybe I'm a 'closet Mormon'."  :)  So funny.

Anyway, another interesting day . . . but more structured with food.  But also more tempting . . . having more free time, and yummy treats around.

But I stayed strong!  Didn't go to bed until after 1am, though.  I hate that I can't seem to get in bed earlier.  :(

Yesterday I was up at 5:30 to get Liam off . . . but I didn't exercise.  Too tired.  Up at 5:30 again this morning, and again too tired to exercise.  But I have stuck to the diet both days.  I would list my food for today and yesterday . . . but I have to run.  Gotta drop Liam's swim bag off at the school, and take his friends to Seminary . . . he's staying at school to ride the bus to the swim meet.  Soooo, swim meet tonight and soccer practice, and all the other mommy stuff.  Let's see if I can get in bed at a reasonable hour tonight!

I've loved reading your updates!!!  And kind of wish we could talk . . . I agree with so much that has been said, and our experiences are so similar.  Congrats to everybody for their improvements!!!!!  I took measurements and pictures on the first day . . . and took measurements again this morning, but when I went to compare them . . . found that I must not have saved them that first go around.  So I have no idea if my measurements have changed . . . but I've lost about 6 lbs.  And I do feel different in my clothes.  Not sure if I look any different though.  It may be just that I feel different, so I'm carrying myself differently.  Anyway, all in all, that's good!!

Love you all!


  1. 6 pounds?! That's awesome!!! I'm amazed at how much eating can do to change your body. I've exercised off and on but never lost this amount of weight in one week! I'm also amazed at how well you stick to the diet even with an extremely busy schedule. Nice work!

  2. I forgot to even say how crazy it was that Anna was just sitting on a bench by herself! I hate when stuff like that happens because you want to say "I promise I watch my kids! They're not neglected!!". I'm glad she was nice, and I love the story about Claire! I can totally picture her saying "you don't know the prophet?!" She is so cute. We miss you guys!!

  3. Such a cute story about claire and your neighbor lady :)

    I was thinking about you this morning at 7:00 when I had to get out of bed and was SO. TIRED. I thought, 'man, i don't know how kj EVER works out at 5:30 am!! I just drag myself around the house at 7, getting the boys ready but i can't really work out until 9, when I'm fully awake! i think the eating is more important at this point in the game, because you want to get in the habit of making good choices and learning that it's okay to say no to some things. once you've got that down, you can try and add a workout into the mix.

    i know i've said this a million times but bodyrock! 12 minute workouts. if you're a busy mom (which I'd say you qualify as), it's perfect. (some of the workouts are way longer but the majority are short and quick. you just want to push yourself to your limit to see results)