Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 6- Taryn

Had a filling breakfast, and then we went to Liv's soccer game! I brought my apple and sunflower butter in a little tupperware. 

Olivia had to go to the bathroom right when we got there so I took Scarlett out of her stroller and carried her and we all walked waaaaaaaaaaay across like 3 fields to the port-a-potty so Liv could go. Luckily I also took my umbrella with me because it started to drizzle enough that I opened it up but didn't think too much of it. As we were walking back I saw that everyone was packing up or already gone! So obviously they cancelled the game. By the time we got alllllll the back to the stroller it was a ghost town and the rain was starting to steadily get harder. 

I got the girls into their seats and pushed while holding the umbrella. Liv kept getting mad because the rain sometimes got on her and she thought it was my fault for not holding the umbrella perfectly over her. There's a little hill and then a curb that we had to go over so I just gave the umbrella to Liv because I needed two hands. I got it up and over, meanwhile now Liv was yelling because she didn't want to hold the umbrella. I got the umbrella back, although now I was already a little wet. We walked allllllll the way to the furthest part of the parking lot which was kind of funny because when we got there, there was not a single open space which is why we parked way out, and now it was completely empty. Anyway we got to our car, and the ONLY other car in the lot was right  next to ours. I got Liv in the car- she was still fussing because her clothes were a little wet so I just told her to get in and take off her clothes. Then I was trying to get scarlett out with one hand because I had the umbrella in the other. She was squirming and fussing, so I just dropped the umbrella and got her in the car. Then I had to empty the under part of the stroller before collapsing it and getting it into the car. Then I had to squish between the other car (for some reason the lady was just sitting there in the parking lot alone) and my car to get in. I was soaked! It was raining so hard. I had the windshield wipers on full blast and still could barely see in front of me.

Anyway, I had promised Liv that we would get an ice cream cone from mcdonalds after her soccer game, so we went to the drive through and I just got happy meals for the girls because I was done and wanted to come home and not think about what to feed them. I ate my apple snack on the way home which was good so that I didn't eat the fries that were sitting right next to me!

They ate their food and it was hard for me not to have just one fry, but I stayed strong and didnt give in! When they were done I packed it all away so that I wouldnt be tempted to eat it, which is what I always did in the past. We listened to the end of conference (Elder Uchtdorf) and that was a really nice little pick me up.

I had the last of my salmon and veggies to get me fueled for my workout, put the girls down for naps, and did my pure cardio workout. I felt great! I still can't get through this one without stopping a here and there, but I did better than last time so that feels good. I feel like I am getting stronger!

I added another snack- a Larabar. We went to walmart and I was just feeling really hungry. I didn't eat dinner til 7:30 (which is late for us), anyway I probably could have not had an extra snack if we had eaten earlier. Maybe tomorrow. And I had one square of Godiva dark chocolate! It was fabulous!

B: Quiche
S1: Apple w/ sunflower butter
L: 1/3 salmon w/ zucc/squash (the last of it)
S2: Peach w/ handful of almonds
S3: Larabar- Uber
D: Bean soup and a square of dark chocolate

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  1. Oh my gosh! of course, RIGHT when you leave to go to the bathroom, THAT'S when it starts pouring! I loved your description of everything. Good job resisting the fries after the stress of it all. I feel like that's when it's the easiest to give in to temptation- when you're tired and you've reached your limit. but it's a confidence booster when you can resist. Makes it easier to do again and that makes it even easier the next time. And then you did your workout!! good job! Sounds like a long morning but your not giving up.