Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2- Taryn

I am doing way better today than yesterday. I have easily drunk (?) the water and enjoyed all the tasty food today....however it is 3:30 and I'm really getting hungry already.

This is the hardest time of day for me because I am very snacky, and I just had my snack. I think tomorrow I might try to not have a snack between b-fast and lunch and save it so I can have 2 snacks right now.

I just did my workout, I do the insanity workouts, and it happened to be pure cardio which is one of the most intense workouts. I didn't have a ton of energy. I put Olivia down for a nap (scarlett was already asleep) and I wanted to just go to sleep on Liv's bed. I actually closed my eyes and Olivia said "No mama, go to your own bed. Actually you are going to do exercising, haha." Good thing I told her that so she could be my encouragement :) I had to stop several times and jump back in.

Anyway, I am going to tough it out! I guess I'll just try to stay busy and keep my mind off of food.

One positive thing I am noticing today is that my kids are eating way healthier since I am. Scarlett ate some sunflower butter and an apple slice for a snack and had lots of steamed broccoli with her macaroni at lunch (the broccoli was leftover from the breakfast I made. I had extra so I just steamed it). Olivia had a bite of an apple and a bit of broccoli, which is good for her. It makes me feel good to have healthy things to offer my kids. I have been worried about Olivia with her mood swings and as I've prayed and thought about it, I have realized that her diet is awful and am hoping that getting less processed food in her will help. Teaching my kids to eat healthy starts with me!

B- Quiche
S1- apple w/ 2 T sunflower seed butter
L- tuna mixed w/ avocado
S2- larabar
D- grilled chicken w/ spinach, onion, and mushroom (this one was not very yummy to me)


  1. i have felt the same about my kids' moodiness tare! i was telling brad the other day that i feel like we put a lot of effort into our own diets but we need to change the kids diets too. griff just burst into tears one day and told me he has no friends and no one will play with him at school. i don't even think that's true because he'd never mentioned it before and since then he's been totally happy, but i think it was kind of a mood swing. it broke my heart! i really do think a healthy diet benefits us and our families in more ways than PHYSICAL health.

    sounds like you're doing great! i don't know how you feel about eating more but, honestly, if you're doing a long insanity workout, i wonder if you should have something after your workout to refuel your body. i worry there aren't enough calories on this diet if you're burning a ton. (that's when you burn lean mass instead of fat). just a suggestion. if you have protein powder, you could make the avocado shake i posted recently. or just eat another lunch (like, eat a serving of lunch after your workout and another at lunchtime). as i've read about the paleo diet, they have mentioned that, if you're more active you might need some more carbs (sweet potatoes) post workout.

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  3. I was nervous that I wasn't eating enough, so after I read your comment I went ahead and had another snack- apple and sunflower butter. I definitely felt way better after that. I will have to go pick up some sweet potatoes tomorrow so I can add that to my lunch if not do what you said, have two servings of lunch. Do you know how many calories are in the avocado protein shake?

  4. Oh man! That would have been really hard for me today. I went to the grocery store and saw all the halloween treats and had to avert my eyes. I am nervous for half way through! Thats awesome you had the willpower not to give in!