Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day two . . .

Not going quite as strong today for me.  I got up early to exercise, like yesterday . . . but I fell asleep on the floor while I was stretching, afterwards.  I am SO tired.  I woke up when Quinn tried to cover me with a blanket.

I'm really sore today . . . from my workout yesterday.  I don't have much energy, or much of an appetite, which is weird.  I ate the breakfast at 8, and it's 12:40 now, and I'm just not hungry for lunch.  I'm just tired.

So I'm technically still doing everything for the challenge . . . I'm just not doing ANYTHING that I need to do for normal life.  :(  I have mounds of laundry . . . lots of messy rooms . . . groceries to buy . . .  floors to mop . . . and a sweet little girl needing some quality attention.

I don't think the tired-ness is just from the challenge though.  We had a CRAZY weekend.  We spent about 9 + hours on Saturday attending and preparing and shuttling to our kids games.  And had an especially dramatic Sunday . . . just wait till you have teenagers.  Ugh.  And I think it's just all catching up with me.

I've learned that I seem to have a day where I can really knock it out of the park with what I'm able to accomplish, but inevitably, the next day is a real drag . . . and I accomplish almost nothing.

Anyway . . . I hope I can keep a more even pace.  I think that getting healthy will certainly help with that.

As far as yesterday . . . I liked the lunch too.  And my whole family gobbled up the dinner with no complaints.  :)

And to you, my sweet sisters . . . you are in such a wonderfully challenging time of life, with lots of little ones at your feet.  I'm glad you are not beating yourselves up about missing the first workout, or drinking tea samples, etc.  Just remember this challenge is to help you improve your health and fitness, so any effort is effort none the less.  And the important things are happening . . . taking care of your babies, spending time with people you care about, etc.  I think you are all already incredibly beautiful both inside and out.  I respect you all for stretching and improving yourselves as you take on this challenge, and am SO excited to go along with you!  :)



  1. aww! kjirst! i'm sorry you're so tired. i wish i could be there to help run your kids here and there so you could get two seconds to yourself. then you read my post and i'm like, 'yeah, we went to the mall and just lost track of time shopping all day! what a hard life'. : ) the difference between me and you is that my house is a disaster 99% of the time. no lie. i've got the fitness stuff down but i'm really quite selfish. i get annoyed at my kids if they stay up too late because i want to go to sleep. and i hardly work on the house during the day because i'm busy planning my own meals and working out. there is DEFINITELY give and take. we all have different priorities and we could all shift things a little too. i think little penelope could use a lot more mommy time too. i was actually thinking that before i read your post. anyway, you are AMAZING in so many ways and such a good example to me as a mom. it's okay to focus on yourself just a little bit but i know it can feel like everything else takes a back seat. you're doing great! there's no shame in taking a day off. maybe try getting the workout in just three times a week and work your way up. or add in another meal if you need more energy (even though you're not hungry).
    and focus on the positive. you got your workout in! awesome. like i said, my house is always messy but i pat myself on the back when i help the boys get all of their homework done, and feed them before 8pm (even if it's just chicken nuggets). you seem to be better at that stuff (feeding your family, cleaning your house) so maybe you'll pat yourself on the back when you workout or get 8 hours of sleep. LOVE YOU!!

  2. I agree with everything Carrie said! I feel silly saying that I'm tired when I know Sarah has a nursing baby and you run around with 5 kids! I, like Carrie, make my kids go to bed early so I can have alone time! I SHOULD go to bed, but instead I stay up watching a show, cleaning, crafting, or preparing for various things. I think I will actually go to bed tonight.

    You should definitely pat yourself on the back for getting your exercise in today. I think Carrie is right about maybe only doing it a few times a week. The healthy eating is also something to be very proud of since I know as a mom its way easier to eat and snack on what the kids are having.

  3. Way to keep with it Kjirst! FYI, I read a bunch of comments on Robins posts and it seems that extreme tired is pretty common, and may be that way for 2 weeks (or the whole challenge). Sometimes I wonder if she has kids. Everything I read about the paleo diet says to take it easy for the first few weeks while you get used to eating this different way because of the fatigue. I say, if you're tired do what Taryn said and workout a few times a week instead of everyday, or maybe add more food. She says this diet isn't meant to starve you. If you're hungry...eat. Just make sure its the right stuff. I guess another really hard part is making the time to prepare healthy snacks. Like Tare said, its so much easier to eat whatever your kids have leftover.

  4. I got sidetracked in my comment. I meant, sometimes I wonder if she has kids because I think its probably enough food combined with exercise if you don't have 150,000 things going on with a million kids all day (sorry, over exaggerating situations is kind of my thing :)).