Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 3- Taryn

I'll start off with the negative- I didn't work out at all today. I am disappointed about that but all I can do is not get too down on myself. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again!

I needed to go grocery shopping and planned to while Liv was at preschool. I went to drop her off only to have my sweet friend greet me in her pajamas and messy hair to tell me that she was sick with the flu. She left me a message on my phone letting me know that preschool was at my other friends house (only I don't have a phone which I think people forget because its been waaaay too long and normal people would have just gotten a new one by now- we're holding out for a free one). Embarrassed, I hurried Liv back in the car and drove back past my own house over to my other friends house on the complete other side of town. We were a full half hour late, but I was able to go grocery shopping.

I did laundry for the 45 mins that I was home with Scarlett, then time to pick Liv up. I put both girls down for a nap and instead of working out I had to clean the house because we had a (i dont know what you call it) check up today with the builder to see any last items that need to be fixed. Anyway, there was a lot to do upstairs and I figured Id do that and then Brady could help me sweep and pick up downstairs when he got home.

He didn't get home because he forgot and the builder came! I was, yet again, embarrassed that the kitchen needed to be swept while I was trying to show him where 2 squeaky boards were and remember all the things Brady and I had talked about wanting them to fix. Brady got home for the tail end of the "meeting". When the builder left, we hurried and cleaned downstairs because we had a date and real babysitters coming to our house to watch the girls. Then I ran upstairs to throw some clothes and make-up on and we were out.

You don't need to know any of that I dont know why I wrote it all. I stuck to the meal plans and I did add an extra snack even though I didn't work out. Our date was a murder mystery dinner... I ate a salad, chicken, asparagus and didn't eat the potatoes. I did have a bite of cupcake.

It was an okay day, but I wished I worked out to justify the extra snack and cupcake. I have the worlds worst willpower! I realllllly want to wake up and workout before the kids get up because I did that last summer and it worked so well for me. Hoping to start with early morning work outs on Friday. That way nothing will get in the way!!

B- Quiche
S1- celery w/ 2T sunflower seed butter and a Larabar
L- Chicken salad wrap
S2- apple w/ sunflower seed butter
D- Out to eat (chicken w/ asparagus and a naughty half of cupcake)


  1. I LOVE hearing all the details of your busy day! I totally know what you're saying about the exercise . . . If I don't get it in first thing . . . It's not happening. Too much going on . . . Too many curve balls thrown (especially with kids). It sounds like it was still great! Sticking to the diet is no small feat . . . So you should definitely feel good about that! If it makes you feel any better . . . I ate 4 squares of dark chocolate yesterday! Man oh man was it good!!!!! ;)

  2. no! I was thinking you actually did really well! It's hard to go on a date and not eat everything. if me and brad go out, we're going to have to find something other than food because it's too much for me to handle. or the movies. i can't resist the popcorn and candy. you're day made it very difficult for you to stay on track and i think you definitely succeeded! hopefully today, your schedule will run as planned, and you can get the workout in. and, if you think it's boring reading about someone's day, i guess my post was really boring. i love reading about every little detail, so i'm happy you let us know all of that. good luck today!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys! Love you!