Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 10- taryn

I am starting to notice my clothes fitting differently and I even wore my old true religion jeans, meaning they actually fit and buttoned up and zipped and everything! Still a long ways to go but fun to see some changes.

I tried to eat a little less fruit today, which will probably result in me eating more fruit tomorrow, ha! I didn't love the eggplant brushetta as leftovers. I did love the tuna patties and I even made my own mayo for the alioli (or whatever it is) sauce! Fun to try and it tasted good! The real test will be if Brady will eat it. If I ever see him again I'll make him try it and let you know what he thinks :)

B: Quiche
S1: paleo muffin
L: eggplant brushetta (leftover)
S2: apple w/ sun butter
S3: almonds
D: tuna patties with sauce

1 comment:

  1. YAY on the jeans!!!!!! Now that's some good motivation! It's got to feel GREAT!!!!! Nice job Sis! :)