Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Days 2 & 3 ~ Sarah

Hello there!
Day 2:
Things went pretty great yesterday. Tried another recipe for my morning smoothie, yum. I was still really hungry so a few hours later I had the spinach and onion leftover from the night before. But not very long later I was hungry again! I had lunch at 11:10. I added as much lettuce as I could to fill me up. I think that was a good idea. I felt better. Had a snack at 2. Dinner about 5:30. Even though I added in the leftovers between breakfast and lunch, I still had my second snack after the kids went to bed. I was feeling good but my tummy was hurting a little bit.

Day 3:
Holy cow! I get up probably twice in the night to feed Holden. Its not too bad, but when I got up at one I wasn't feeling so good. Fed him, had some water and went back to bed. I tossed and turned all night. I was hot and sweaty, and feeling pretty crappy. When I got up to feed him at 5, I didn't think I was even going to make it up the stairs. I did! While I was feeding Hold I was devising a plan in case I needed to make a run for it. Go to the kitchen, or try to run up or down stairs to a bathroom? It didn't matter because I nursed him and laid him back down and then slept on the couch because walking around just aggravated it all.

I was kind of freaking out because the pain was so awful (i know this is dramatic, but it brought back memories of giving birth just a few months ago! not contraction pain, but I always get really nauseous in labor). Anyway, I was running through all kinds of things that I thought it could be, withdrawals, not enough food, diabetes! Haha! I needed food desperately, but the thought made me sick, and I really didn't want to mess up everything I had done (for the past 2 days ;)). I cheated a little. I had 6 crackers and 1/2 a banana. The banana wasn't really cheating for MY diet because I have one in my smoothie each morning. I was proud of myself for eating only 6 crackers because the old me (you know, from 2 days ago   hehe!) would have eaten half the box of crackers. No wait, that's not true, SHE would have eaten all the reese's sitting in the pantry.

It didn't want to give up on the diet even though, at the time, it felt like maybe it just wasn't for me. I felt good enough to get up and make my smoothie, and have slowly started to feel better since then. I had the lunch of tuna and avocado, and am doing good!

I felt a little bit nauseous yesterday when woke up, but figured I was just hungry. So my current conclusion is that I WAS just hungry this morning, but REALLY hungry. I realized that the last time I eat anything in the day is 7:30, and then I don't eat again until 8:30 the next morning. I feed Holden 4 or 5 times in that time frame. I think my body needs a little more to make up for all that its doing to feed baby bean. I've decided to add another meal at the end of my day instead of a 2nd snack. I'm going to try a smoothie tonight and see if I feel better in the morning.

I do also think that some of it is me having withdrawals (again, so dramatic sounding) from sugar and carbs. Those were a HUGE part of my diet....even Sunday night before we started. I'm still really excited and am thinking all of these awful feelings just mean that my body is headed in the right direction and this is going to be really good for me.

~So, on to other things. Robin said that she was extra tired and had headaches for the first 2 weeks. So, that's normal, and sadly will probably continue for a while.
~Carrie posted some tips for food and exercise before we started doing this, and mentioned the TMI stuff about pee being any kind of yellow meaning you probably still weren't drinking enough water and maybe dehydrated. Well, here's my TMI to add to it. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and my pee was a little yellow. It was weird to me because it was clear for days before. So I looked up some things, and found that on a diet low in carbs your body doesn't keep as much water, carbs helped with that. They say to add a little salt to your diet to help keep more water. Not a lot, but some. That may have been part of my sickness this morning too...I don't know.
~I drank my 8 cups of water but needed more to try and convince me I wasn't hungry. But I was soo tired of water. So I added flavor (which Robin says is ok). It made me ok with drinking water again, and conviced me I was getting something really cool and off limits!

So, that's it for now! Hope I didn't bore everyone, but figured I'd mention it incase anyone has experienced it, or may later.

PS where did everyone find sunflower butter and larabars? we'll be in UT this weekend so I thought I might look for some.


  1. i'm so glad you're feeling better! i think everything you said makes sense (needing more food because you're nursing, and maybe going through withdrawals and being dehydrated). i've had headaches every day. it was the worst the first day and they've gotten a little better. my pee hasn't been completely clear that much though. it IS hard to get enough water. I'm definitely drinking more than the 8 cups though. I don't even pay attention to that. just try to drink all day long.

    i go to Sprouts for my groceries. i'll take you when you're here. or there's also a good earth we could go to but i'm weird, i feel a little out of place and uncomfortable at good earth because i'm not all granola. sprouts seems like a good in between. :)

  2. I think you definitely need more food while nursing! The thing is, like you referenced about the Reese's, we are at least making healthy additions when adding food.

    I've also had small headaches, usually at night, not a big deal.

  3. Oh, I got my sunflower butter and larabars at Walmart! I was so happy that I could get them with my regular groceries instead of making a special trip.

  4. So glad you're figuring everything out . . . AND adding carbs! I'll bet your body burned those 6 crackers in like 5 minutes of nursing (and producing milk!!). Carbs make us fat when we eat too many to burn . . . But when you're burning calories like you are . . . You could probably stand to even have a few more. . . . Or just sit back and imagine all the fat your body is burning . . . Since there are hardly any carbs to burn instead!

    Sounds like you are doing great Sarie, so proud you didn't give up!!! Not sure I could have done that, if I had felt that bad! ;)