Monday, October 21, 2013

Update - Kjirsten

So, I kind of hit a wall with the diet.

I did well through Thursday, but I took a break this weekend.  I still tried to eat relatively healthy for the most part, but we ate out a few times, and I made cookies, etc.

My mindset was such, that I was starting to feel kind of down, I even cried on Thursday.  I just felt like the diet was changing my life in ways that weren't intended.  I was feeling on the outside of things that were happening.  I was feeling deprived I guess.  I don't think that's really the way we're supposed to feel.

Anyway, I decided to take a break for the ENTIRE weekend.  And it was SOOOOOO nice.  I still tried to make lots of healthy choices, but I didn't really restrict myself.  And I think this mindset made all the difference.  I really don't even feel bad that I took a hiatus.  I think I knew I really needed it for my psyche, or morale, so in effect . . . it was just the therapy I needed.

I got my fill however, and decided that when Monday came around (today), that I would just go back to the diet for the week, and then allow myself a day of freedom from it on the weekend.  I don't feel nearly as restricted now.  And I feel so much happier.

I agree with Taryn's last post -- totally.

The things I observed during this hiatus, made me excited to start the diet again, feeling like maybe I could embrace it a little better.  I became more conscious of the fact that my body feels better eating healthy things, rather than "fun" things.  I needed to be totally CONSCIOUS of that fact.  I am looking forward to feeling better again.  I'm kind of having a "sugar hangover" today, I think.  Not feeling my best.

So, I guess you could say, I'm tweaking things . . . trying to find a happy medium.  Gotta have a healthy mindset behind this, or it won't work for me.  I think my splurging helped me get to that point, in a weird way.  The pendulum was swinging so far to one side with the diet, that I just had to swing it just as hard in the other direction . . . and hopefully I will find that pendulum resting somewhere in the middle.  I'm sure it will take time to work out the kinks, but I definitely feel more in tune with my body, and that is a wonderful feeling.  It's helping me feel like I will finally be able to find something sustainable for me, in the arena of diet and nutrition.

So, I don't know if I can really consider myself still taking the 30 day challenge at this point.  But I feel like the challenge has taught me to eat better, and be more conscious of how eating better, makes me feel.  I will still use her plan for the most part . . . her meals, the water consumption, exercise . . . but I don't know that I will be so rigid on the carbs, etc.  We'll see.  I will try, but if I start to feel depressed again . . . I'm grabbing a roll.  ;)

Maybe over time, I will just find it easier and easier to eat as close to paleo as possible.  So the 30 days is a teaching period, I think . . . but for me, it will probably take a year of eating this way to really change my body.  And that's ok.  I'm totally fine with that.  And that is the very reason why I feel like I need to figure out how to tweak things to make it sustainable longterm.

I really like Sarie's proposal, and look forward to continuing forward in this endeavor with all my amazing sisters.  Love having you to vent to, and get ideas from, and I love seeing how alike we all are.  I'm glad we've all come to similar conclusions . . . it helps me feel more validated in my feelings and choices.  Love you all!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update- Taryn

I'm not keeping up with days anymore, but wanted to just check in.

I "binged" one night and had 4 chocolate chip cookies. Since then I've been keeping pretty strictly with the diet and I've been exercising almost every day. I'm a little sick- not sure what it is maybe strep, but its really weird because I don't feel anything during the day except a little weak. The first day I was feeling sick I stuck to the diet and napped instead of exercising when my girls were asleep. Brady let me sleep in and that seemed to help a lot, because I didn't feel much during the day and decided to go ahead and work out because I didn't want it to throw me too far off- just did it knowing I was sick and didn't push extremely hard or anything. Same today- I just have a bad sore throat and a little congested, but really only bad at night.

Anyway, in the past I would have eaten those cookies and thought that they tasted so good and that dieting was just too hard and I would have reverted back to eating junk all day everyday, but not this time! My personal mantra is "don't give up" so I'm not. I made a mistake but I'm pushing forward. One thing that has helped my mindset too was that I knew I was going to have a night where I would be allowing myself to eat special stuff (the gala). Knowing that made HUGE difference. I was totally able keep strictly to her diet knowing I would get a reward.

With all that said, I am really liking the idea of having one day a week (maybe not even every week) where you can allow yourself some treats. I kept with the diet all day and then just splurged at dinner. I have another special occasion this weekend- Brady's bday, so that is a nice thing in the back of my head that is helping me be totally fine on the diet. It is soon, and it is happening. I resisted the chocolate chip cookies today when my family was eating them without a problem :) 

I keep remembering things- but I didn't even feel guilty at all at the gala because I knew I would be going back to eating healthy. AND that didn't depress me like it used to :) because I know that I will get to have special stuff again. It is all truly a mindset thing for me. I may not loose weight quickly doing it this way, but I think in the long run I will be so much healthier and I truly feel like I have made a lifestyle change.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Days 15 &16 ~ Sarah

So, I've still kind of been following her plan because I already went grocery shopping and bought all the stuff for the week. I really wanted a cookie on monday but I didn't do it. I'm a few pounds shy of my pre pregnancy weight. I'd really like to get there. Its higher than what I like to be at in real life, but at the current moment, I'd love to be there!

Day 15
B- blueberry mufflins
L- tuna with avocado and peppers
D- spinach blueberry and strawberry salad (w/ paleo salad dressing)
sn- blueberry muffins
sn- larabar

Day 16
B- Blueberry Avocado smoothie
L- Chicken salad wrap
D-Chicken and asparagus
sn- Chocolate
sn- probably a smoothie

So, here is a breakfast that I tried last week and I really liked it. So did Ellie.

Almost Oatmeal

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready: 15 min
Yields: 2 bowls


1/2 cup sugar free applesauce
4 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg


In a small pan combine all ingredients.
Heat the mixture, stirring it continuously.
For flavor add nutmeg.
Serve hot.

Since it makes 2 servings and I didn't want to reheat one the next day (mostly because I know I would have eaten it all), I only made a single serving but, I used the whole 1/2 cup of applesauce. Also, I didn't time anything, but I know I didn't cook it for 10 minutes. I bet you could make it in the micro too if you're in a hurry.

Here is the dressing I used:
Agave Balsamic Dressing
-          2 tablespoons olive oil
-          3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
-          2 tablespoons agave
-          Salt and pepper to taste.
In small bowl combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave and seasoning.
-          Place in refrigerator and chill dressing.
-          Serve

Monday, October 14, 2013


So, I'm in agreement with everything I've read on here the last couple of days. I am burnt out. I'm so sick of this same old food. Friday was Addie's B-day. It was similar to Kj's family movie night. We ordered pizza and had birthday cake. I ate, hmmm, I can't even remember what I ate, but I know it wasn't delicious like pizza. I made the birthday cake and then had a square of dark chocolate instead. I AM proud of myself for being able to make decisions like that and resist temptations, but I too have learned...this is not long term for me. I like treats and I like being able to enjoy them with my babies.

Here are some personal opinions I have about this 'challenge' specifically.
1. I don't think it is meant to be real life. I think it is meant only for the 30 days
2. I think its 30 days in order to make these things habit.
3. I think you are supposed to lose weight on this challenge because it seems like a cleanse. That's why we keep eating the same boring meals.

If everyone would like to continue this challenge then I will to (I actually already bought all my food for this week) but if people are open to another idea, I have a proposal.

We all did super awesome for 2 whole weeks, and proved some things to ourselves. We learned that we CAN say no to things that aren't good for us, but that we love. We learned how to make good food choices. We learned how to eat on a schedule so that we don't get starving and then overload on junk.

I propose we take these last 2 weeks of the challenge and search for paleo meals that our whole families will enjoy and try to experiment with how this could play a role in real life. That way, we're still eating paleo for the entire challenge (I don't want to quit completely), but we may end this with happier thoughts in our heads. There are paleo recipe blogs, ideas on pinterest, and books you can get at the library that could help us find better ideas than chicken, spinach, and onions...over and over. Eric found a Paleo crock pot recipes book the other day, that is so me.

I agree, I need to be allowed to eat sweets if I want, or go out to eat and enjoy myself instead of feeling guilty, or having to say just bring me a plain piece of chicken.

I have lost about 5 pounds on this diet, which is good, I'll take it. However, I also feel like if I see one more zucchini, I'm going to throw up. Right now I feel like I really could incorporate some of these things in to real life and find a good balance. Like eat a paleo breakfast and lunch, and then allow myself a roll at dinner. Not 7 rolls, but one. I'm afraid if we continue this for too much longer I'll begin to hate it all and never eat a veggie again.

Any thoughts?

PS Carrie: Good decision! I'd do the same thing if I were you. You don't want to look back on your disneyland trip and just remember, "oh yeah, that's the time I couldn't eat anything, I was super hungry, cranky, and jealous all the time." Taryn: Heck yes, eat that plate! Who wouldn't want to taste a $500 dinner, for free...even yummier! Kj, that is some serious will power!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 14 - Kjirsten

I'm kinda like Carrie . . . I can't even remember what day we are on . . . 14, I think.

I must echo what you girls have already said . . . this is getting really tough.  And I think I've already told myself that I will NOT be eating this way every day, for the rest of my life.

So, I actually still haven't cheated, not even once.  Which is a big deal for me.  But I know my personality, and if I do, I will think, "oh, all is lost, I should just quit the whole thing."  I really want to finish this 30 days, but when it is done . . . I think I will be too.  ;)

I feel like I have learned to make healthier choices, through this challenge.  And that I can be really satisfied with those healthier foods.  But what I don't like, is feeling like I'm missing out on too much with my family.  We had a movie night last night.  Quinn ordered pizza, and we popped popcorn and had candy.  I ate my turkey burger with apples and goat cheese, which was yummy, but the smell of the pizza was making me crazy!!!  So when it came to the popcorn and candy . . . I had to leave the room.  That stinks.  I haven't wanted to go on a date . . . cause I just feel like everything is off limits, and I don't want to tempt myself.  We went to lunch at Peiwei with mom and dad yesterday, in between games, and while everyone got yummy chinese food (which I LOVE), I had a bowl of plain chicken and veggies - no sauce, no rice, no nothin.  It was fine, but not my first choice.

Anyway, I decided that I will need to tweak this thing after the 30 days in one of two ways . . . either 1) Continue to try to eat this way, but give myself one day a week where I can eat ANYTHING I want.  And just give in to all that is tempting, and satisfy my cravings. Or 2) Continue to try to eat this way most all the time, but when I go out to eat, eat what I want; and when there is a special event or holiday, eat what I want; or a special outing or date (like the pumpkin patch, Taryn), eat what I want.  I just don't like feeling SO restricted.  I think this way of eating is awesome for most every day . . . like you guys have said, the schedule is nice -- makes us eat frequently (no missed meals), makes us eat healthy which feels good, and is quite satisfying.  I just don't like feeling like I'm sitting on the sidelines for certain things involving food.  And I think I feel that way, because I love food SO much!  I feel like I'm starting to focus more on the restrictions than on the fact that it's yummy, healthy, real, satisfying food.  I'm hoping that if I can take that "restrictive" part out of it, that I will feel even more happy and satisfied with the good healthy choices that I'm making.

In other news . . . I only exercised once this week, and pulled my back muscles pretty bad.  So that was it on the exercise for the rest of the week.  I also gained 3 pounds back this week . . . and I didn't cheat even once.  That was a real bummer, and also probably a big reason why I'm starting to feel so DONE.  All this effort, and I feel like I've started going backwards.  I don't quite understand why that happened.  Maybe I waited too long between meals and so my body started to hold on to my fat (like Taryn mentioned).  Quinn suggested that maybe my body just got used to this new way of eating, and is adapting . . . again holding onto my fat.  Anyway, it was a pretty disappointing week.  No exercise, no cheating on the diet, and weight gain.

My plan for the next two weeks is to exercise as much as I can, and to try to be more precise in the timing of my meals and water drinking.  And more in line with her meals.  I went almost to the letter that first week, and this last week I didn't really follow her exact meals.  They were still all of her suggested meals, just not on the same days/times.  I don't know if there was something to that, the first week.  Also I ate the paleo blueberry muffins for breakfast every day this week.  (I hate eating breakfast, and this just made it SO easy to get that meal out of the way), but I worry that I missed out on too much good fat and protein, by totally omitting the eggs and avocado.  Anyway, if any of you have any suggestions for my week, or theories behind my weight gain, I'd love to hear them!!

Also, I want to see a picture of your dress, Taryn!!!  How fun . . . and what an exciting thing to look forward to!  (And, way to improvise with using an extra diaper as a wipe! haha!)  And Carrie, what a crazy week . . . no Brad, fall break!!  Soooo hard.  But it sounds like you handled everything well.  (Other than remembering to feed yourself. ;)  Sarie, hope you're still doing well.  Curious to see how things are going.  Love you all.  And I love being able to vent to each other, and encourage each other.  I don't think I would have held on this long, if we weren't all in this together!  :)

Day 13 and 14- Taryn

Yesterday was a rough one for me. I have previously been exercising everyday and eating fine, but my house was a huge mess. I also have been needing to color my hair for months and keep putting it off, but with the gala coming up I needed it to for sure be done! You have to have dirty hair too when you color it, so that has been an issue because I want to do it, then I miss doing it and I have to wash my hair and then I have to wait a day or two again. Anyway, during nap time I colored my hair, showered, and cleaned the house instead of exercising. We hadn't made definitive plans to go out that night, but I was hoping that Brady would take a break so we could all go to the pumpkin farm. After the girls woke up I texted him and he said no, so I started making dinner and then all the sudden he changed his mind and said he did want to go! I had just started dinner so it wasn't done- meaning I had nothing to bring with me, but I hurried and got the girls dressed and we rushed off to get him and go.

Bad idea going to somewhere like this without having eaten. I ended up eating a apple cider donut and a few sips of root beer because I was just starving. It was a double bad feeling knowing I also didn't exercise. Also, I'm getting sick :( My throat has been hurting for a few days now. Hoping it just goes away, but it seems to be sticking around which worries me.

I am having some meat issue too. I HATE the taste of leftover chicken so the chicken wraps aren't delicious to me anymore, today I had salad and couldn't even bring myself to put chicken on there so I didn't. I just ate a few extra almonds. As time continues this is definitely getting harder. I wish we had a little more leeway for paleo treats etc.

B: banana pancakes
S: larabar
L: chicken wraps
S: apple w/ sun butter
D: Apple cider donut and root beer

Day 14

LOVED the turkey burgers! Liv was so excited we were having "hamburgers" for dinner :) Scarlett is our little carnivore and gobbled 2 patties down, but she has loved everything that I've made as far as meat, even the salmon and tuna patties :) She is lucky, she'll have no problems getting lots of protein in her diet when she's older unlike me ;)

B & S: fasting
L: Strawberry/Blueberry salad
S: Larabar
D: turkey burgers w/ sautéed zucc, squash, and onion

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 and 12- Taryn

Day 11

I am definitely loosing a little steam as far as this challenge goes. I told Olivia she could pick one halloween treat from the bakery at walmart because I feel a little bad that my family doesn't get any fun halloween treat-y stuff since this is the season everyone is making and posting delicious things. Anyway, of all the stuff she could have chosen she chose the mini vanilla cupcakes. They are a weakness of mine. They smell SOOoooooo good. When we got home I gave on to her and Scarlett and I just stood and smelled them for awhile, thinking this would satisfy my need, but I gave in and ate one. I am disappointed in myself, and now I have been giving them to Brady and the girls way too much so that they'll be gone and they won't taunt me anymore!

I loved the Med. chicken and sweet potato hash! That will make it in our regular dinner rotation even after the challenge.

Here's some fun stories- Brady told me on Wed. that we have to go to a very formal, black tie, tuxedo type Gala for his school (fundraising). I guess there are doctors from the community who are "hosting" the medical students, so everyone had to be invited by someone, and that person pays for your seat/dinner. Anyway, he tells me its next Friday! My excitement went to frustration that he didn't tell me sooner because how can I find a formal dress?! I usually order things online so I immediately started looking. When I showed him some stuff I found he said none of it was formal enough, plus the dress would get here on the very day of the Gala. And I have never taken both girls to the mall to shop and try stuff on by myself, and Brady has NO free time to watch them for me because he has another big test coming up (two days after the Gala). 

I decided to face my anxiety and go to the mall. I went straight to Nordstrom because I knew they have great customer service. I found a girl and told her what I was looking for and she went around and grabbed dresses for me and got me a huge dressing room so I could have the stroller in there and plenty of room for the kids to run around. I brought snacks for them and a book for scarlett and they were having fun and being quiet. I was having fun trying on fancy dresses (some way out of my price range) until I started to smell something stinky. Of course Scarlett had a poopy diaper. No big deal, I have plenty of room to change it. I grab the diaper and then realize I don't have any wipes because I took them out to use them at home because we were out of the home ones. I used another diaper to wipe her as best I could and got her changed. Poor thing. And now I have the stinkiest smell coming from my diaper bag. I zipped it up and put in the corner so I could get back to the dresses!

Anyway, they were very well behaved and I'm glad to know that I can go to the mall on my own!

B: muffins
S: larabar
L: Tuna patties!
S: apple w/ sun butter
S: mini cupcake
D: Mediterranean chicken w/ sweet potatos

Day 12

The day has gotten away from me. I ate my muffins, then we went back to the mall because I bought 2 dresses so I could show them to Brady and he could choose, so I had to go back to return one and get some shoes. That took the whole morning and I forgot to take a larabar with me to the mall. When I got home I had quick snack and it was satisfying. I put the girls down for naps and did my workout. Today was the first day I was actually excited to work out! I didn't work out yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it. Olivia ended up not taking a nap and coming out in the middle of my workout, but she is very good and I've told her that I can't help her with anything while I'm exercising, so she just played by herself. For some reason afterwards I didn't eat lunch, I just made lunch for olivia and then came up and tried on my new dress with the shoes, then did my make up and tried some hairstyles....... for an hour. Totally forgot about lunch. Then Scarlett was awake and I had to make her something to eat and thats when I realized I needed lunch too! It was just after 4pm. Anyway, I need to stick to my eating schedule! I'm afraid my body will go into starvation mode and hang on to all the fat (is that a real thing?).

B: muffins
S: pear w/ sun butter
L: med chicken w/ sweet potato hash (leftovers)
S: larabar
D: Chicken salad wrap w/ broccoli

Days 11 and 12~Carrie

  I can't even keep track of my days anymore.  I thought it was Thursday all day today.  Kinda nice to know it's a day later. : )

  I finally went to the store today.  I never got a chance to go to the store after Tuesday night's brownie fiasco.  I wonder if I would have gotten through those couple of days easier, without so many mistakes, if I hadn't had Fall Break and Brad's trip, ALL at the same time.  When you're on a diet and the hardest day of the diet coincides with the hardest day of your month, that's a lot stacked against you.

  Yesterday, Day 11, I ate breakfast (eggs, spinach, onions, and tomatoes) and a snack (celery, sunflower seed butter, and raisins), and didn't eat a real meal the rest of the day.  The kids had sandwiches for dinner and I had a few handfuls of carob chips.   I babysat my friend's kids and had to hold the 10month old pretty much the whole time because he was screaming.  I think he's scared of me.  I do NOT have a way with babies.  I'm really quite bad with kids.  That's why I don't love babysitting when Brad's gone.  Kids LOVE him and hate me.  I was counting down the minutes until they came home and right when I thought they should be arriving, she texted and said it would be a few more minutes.  It was another hour.  Luckily he calmed down about the last 20 minutes.

  So that wasn't a great day.  Skipping meals is very typical of me.  Sometimes simple things seem like too much trouble for me.  I know if I can get in a better habit of eating throughout the day, I'd have more success, but it's just hard for me, for some reason.


  This morning the boys used all but one egg to make french toast, so I made that one egg and 2 slices of bacon.  I hadn't gone to the store at this point, so I didn't have any avocado.  Then I noticed there was a little more cinnamon egg in their french toast bowl.  I didn't want to eat the egg alone, with cinnamon in it, so I made my own french toast, with ezekial bread we still have in the freezer, and put my other egg on top.

 The mom of one of Colson's school friends called at this point, and wanted to pick Colse up in a few minutes to have him play at their house.  That got me moving.  I felt like it was my chance to get something done.    Right when he left, I did a quick DailyHiit workout.  I was going to do Gillian Michaels but I get so bored when I've done the same workout just a couple days ago.  I have to switch it up more (I'm like that with movies, too.  I can't watch a movie unless it's been years since I've seen it last, but I prefer to always see something new).  So I did a quick 12 minute workout and then we went to Sprouts.  The kids HATE going to the grocery store with me, so having one less kid was great.  Got back home RIGHT as Colson was pulling up to our house with his friend.  Perfect.  And I had a Larabar on the way home from the store.

  Yesterday the kids went to a friend's house too, so I invited those friends over to pay their mom back.  So we have three boys here now.  I've just been cooking up all of my meat.  Some steak for tonight, turkey burgers for lunch (which I just finished eating), and chicken for tomorrow's salad.

  Aww, it's nice to feel prepared again.

B: 1 ezekial french toast with another egg on top, 2 slices bacon
S: Cherry Pie Larabar
L: Turkey burger with 1/2 apple and goat cheese
S:  (planned) Blueberry Muffin Larabar
D: (planned) bacon wrapped filet and mediterranean veggies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"DAY 11"

Ok girls!  Today is day 11 . . . On her blog, Robin says it's one of the hardest days!  I think if we're conscious of that, then maybe we can push through it successfully.

Yesterday, day 10, was a tough day for me.  (I know it was for Carrie too).  I craved baked goods ALL day!!!  So I ate lots of Larabars.

B:  paleo blueberry muffins
L:  left over filet and asparagus
S:  larabar (chocolate brownie)
S:  (yes, a second snack in a row) larabar (coconut cream pie . . . Kept telling myself it was a coconut macaroon . . . Was really yummy!)
D:  salmon and sautéed spinach and onions
+ two and a half squares of dark chocolate

Good luck to you all . . . I know you can do it!!!!!  :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9 and 10~ Carrie

oh my.

Day 9 was fine but I think I'm just so. bored now.  At the end of the day, I made a batch of the most junky brownies ever.  Like, the most unhealthy recipe you could possibly make.  9x13 and it's all gone now.

So I guess what I'm saying is Day 10 was not so great.  Didn't exercise either.


I'll try to recommit tomorrow.  I feel gross and disappointed.  I think I'm drowning my sorrows in food because Brad won't be home until Monday night and I'm not looking forward to this week. : (

Day 10- taryn

I am starting to notice my clothes fitting differently and I even wore my old true religion jeans, meaning they actually fit and buttoned up and zipped and everything! Still a long ways to go but fun to see some changes.

I tried to eat a little less fruit today, which will probably result in me eating more fruit tomorrow, ha! I didn't love the eggplant brushetta as leftovers. I did love the tuna patties and I even made my own mayo for the alioli (or whatever it is) sauce! Fun to try and it tasted good! The real test will be if Brady will eat it. If I ever see him again I'll make him try it and let you know what he thinks :)

B: Quiche
S1: paleo muffin
L: eggplant brushetta (leftover)
S2: apple w/ sun butter
S3: almonds
D: tuna patties with sauce

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 9- Taryn

Not much to report today.... I really liked the eggplant brushetta. I felt like I had a lot of fruit and snacky type things today, ie blueberry muffins, apple, larabar, chocolate. I kind of felt bad about that but oh well. Its still all "on the diet" but I know if I'm wanting to loose weight I need to cut back on all those fruits. I'll try again tomorrow!

B: paleo muffins
S1: Apple w/ sunflower butter
L: tuna w/ avocado, carrots
S2: Larabar
D: Eggplant brushetta, 2 chocolates

Day 8- Taryn

I made plans and shopping lists last night. I had my quiche for bfast, then dropped Liv off to preschool and me and Scootie drove to Trader Joes for some almond meal! I LOVE TJ's but realized that it is so dangerous! They have sooo many treats and you trick yourself into thinking everything in there is healthy, but its not. It was good that I had a list and that I'm eating clean because I love their treats. I was able to get the almond meal, eggplant, strawberries, blueberries, veggie straws (for the girls), pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, grass fed raw whole chicken, some new varieties of Larabars, and some fresh Fall flowers :)

We picked Liv up from school, then I still had to run to walmart because TJs only sold zucc and squash in packages of 3 and i was nervous to get so many but i need it tonight for the veggie bake. I didn't really want tuna and avocado but I bought a bag of avocado at the beginning of this challenge and I don't want it to go bad, so I had to use it. I actually did like it to my surprise, I just added some things to give me a little variety and because I was really hungry after all those errands.

I filled myself up, put the girls down, and did my workout. It was cardio recovery so no real cardio- a lot of yoga and squats. I felt good! I had so much time after that while the girls were still sleeping, it was weird, but I cleaned and then started making the paleo blueberry muffins to save for bfast this week. And then I got started on dinner.

I couldn't resist eating a muffin so that was my 3rd snack. Dinner was chicken and veggie bake, then I gave everyone a muffin for dessert, but I just watched everyone eat it since I already had one :) And I forgot to eat my chocolate square which was probably for the best since I already ate an extra snack :)

Question: what did you cook your veggies in? I don't want to buy white wine, so I used apple cider vinegar and it was waaaaay over powering. Brady liked it but I could barely handle all that vinegar flavor. If I do it again I might try chicken stock  or something.

B: quiche
S1: Larabar (apple pie)
L: a little of the leftover broccoli and spaghetti squash, tuna w/ avocado, and 1/4 c cashews
S2: 1 Tbs pomegranate seeds w/ 1 Tbs sunflower butter
S3: paleo blueberry muffin
D: Chicken and veggie bake

Week 1 Update . . .

Sorry I haven't posted in forever . . . it's been pretty busy around here.  But I did want to report that I have stuck to the diet, and am very proud of that.  Exercise however, is another story.  I worked out 4 days last week.  My weekend just kind of got away from me though.

Saturday I woke up at 6:30 to get Luke ready for his football game at 8am.  So we were out the door early, and really only came home to change clothes, grab a different kid, or drop a kid off, and then we were on our way again.  We had two football games for a total of 5+ hours, and a soccer game, and went to a Dallas Stars hockey game that night with some friends.  We were pretty much gone from 7:45am to 10:30pm.  But luckily there were enough stop ins at home, that I was still able to eat well.

Breakfast:  protein shake (don't know if this is paleo . . . but I made it with almond milk)
Snack:  Larabar  (at Caleb's football game)
Lunch:  Leftover tuna cakes with garlic lemon aioli (between football and soccer)
Dinner:  Leftover salmon with sauteed spinach and onion. (between soccer and hockey)
Snack:  Half of a larabar (at the hockey game)
Dessert:  apple and sunflower butter

I was really spent, on Saturday.  I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep, lack of carbs and sugar, or lack of water, or the weather.  Maybe a combination of those things.  It rained on us at Caleb's football game, and the temperature dropped dramatically -- even though I had a sweatshirt on, and had and umbrella . . . I was shivering almost the whole time . . . expending energy.  The soccer game was super cold and windy . . . but by then I had on my winter coat, and a blanket to wrap my legs, so it was better.  Of course, I had kids with me at all of these events too, so I also had to take care of them, and all of their needs.

We slept in on Sunday . . . hallelujah!  And awoke to Luke coming into our room to tell us that there was a lady at the door who wanted to talk to us about our dog getting out.  So upon speaking with her, it turns out that when Fritz got out, our three youngest stinkers left to chase after him . . . and she found Anna sitting on a park bench, all alone, at the edge of the woods, around the corner from our house.  SOOOOOOOO embarrassing (and SCARY)!!!!  And all Anna had on was a winter coat, and a dirty diaper, and that's it.  Oh my.  Anyway, Conference was great . . . and I stuck to my diet well . . . other than skipping a meal because we had more of a brunch than breakfast and lunch.

Brunch:  Two eggs, two bacon, 1/2 avocado (while the fam had pancakes, bacon, and eggs, strawberries, and chocolate milk)
Snack:  Green apple and sunflower butter
Dinner:  Greek chicken, sweet potato hash, steamed green beans (the fam ate this too, but they also had biscuits)
Dessert:  2 squares dark chocolate

I made pumpkin bars to take over to our nice neighbor to thank her for returning our children and three-legged dog safely . . . and for not calling CPS.  ;)

It turns out that when she was walking the kids home, Claire was telling her how we usually went to church, but today we got to stay home and watch Conference on TV, and listen to the Prophet.  The lady asked Claire what the prophet was, and Claire looked at her like she was crazy, and said, "you don't know who the prophet is?????"  Soooooo, we got to have a nice discussion about Mormons and the church, and our basic beliefs.  She was cute and said that she believed all those same things that we did (God, Jesus, Spirit -- 3 seperate beings; families exist beyond the grave; ancient prophets, etc.).  She kind of started freaking out and said, "I think I'm a Mormon!!!  I think I've been a Mormon all these years and didn't even know it!!".  Then she asked if we drink beer, and when I told her that we didn't, she was like, "oh, well, maybe I'm a 'closet Mormon'."  :)  So funny.

Anyway, another interesting day . . . but more structured with food.  But also more tempting . . . having more free time, and yummy treats around.

But I stayed strong!  Didn't go to bed until after 1am, though.  I hate that I can't seem to get in bed earlier.  :(

Yesterday I was up at 5:30 to get Liam off . . . but I didn't exercise.  Too tired.  Up at 5:30 again this morning, and again too tired to exercise.  But I have stuck to the diet both days.  I would list my food for today and yesterday . . . but I have to run.  Gotta drop Liam's swim bag off at the school, and take his friends to Seminary . . . he's staying at school to ride the bus to the swim meet.  Soooo, swim meet tonight and soccer practice, and all the other mommy stuff.  Let's see if I can get in bed at a reasonable hour tonight!

I've loved reading your updates!!!  And kind of wish we could talk . . . I agree with so much that has been said, and our experiences are so similar.  Congrats to everybody for their improvements!!!!!  I took measurements and pictures on the first day . . . and took measurements again this morning, but when I went to compare them . . . found that I must not have saved them that first go around.  So I have no idea if my measurements have changed . . . but I've lost about 6 lbs.  And I do feel different in my clothes.  Not sure if I look any different though.  It may be just that I feel different, so I'm carrying myself differently.  Anyway, all in all, that's good!!

Love you all!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 1 Results

Brad was able to come home for a couple hours tonight, which was awesome.  It made bedtime so much easier on me.

But he was busy taking pictures of our tv (we've sold it like three times and then people back out at the last minute.  long story) to post on ksl, while I waited patiently for him to help me with my measurements, after I got all of the kids in bed.  Then he hurriedly says, 'oh!  i lost track of time!  i have to go!'

ugh, so i forced him to do the caliper on my arms and back but it was totally rushed so i have no idea if it's accurate AT ALL.  i did the measurement on my waist by myself, which is not easy to do.  what's worse is that i'm feeling really chubby tonight and i don't know why.  just feeling like my stomach is sticking out again and i think i get discouraged easily when i feel like i've put so much work into this so shouldn't i be down like ten pounds?  kidding.  i know that's not how it works, but i just feel like there should be MORE.

BUT, if these measurements are accurate, here are my results:

weight lost: 1.4 lbs (who knows?  you could fluctuate that much in an hour)
inches lost: 1 inch (1/2 an inch in my waist, 1/4 an inch in both arms, nothing in my hips and thighs- my problem areas. go figure)

% bodyfat lost: 1%
lbs of fat lost (according to my rushed caliper measurements): 1.662 lbs
muscle gained:.262 lbs

and then brad took the camera so he could take more pictures of the tv, so i didn't get to take my one week pictures.

So, there it is.  Week 1.  Not too significant but that's okay.

Day 8 ~ Sarah

Today was a pretty normal day. I had a snack between breakfast and lunch, which I don't normally do, but I was really hungry. I had leftovers for lunch, and the chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. I took carrots with me to snack on in the car while we waited for Jack. We've all become accustomed snacks immediately after school. We used to take cookies or candy or stop for slushies on the way home. I think my kids might be a little sad about it, but we've switched to apples and carrots mostly.

Day 8
B: Blueberry Muffins
Sn: larabar
L: 1 Short rib and spaghetti squash
Sn: Carrots
D: Chicken and sweet potato hash

ps I texted with Kj a little today. She is still going strong on the diet. She's really busy and I'm guessing crazy tired. She'll update sometime soon. I just wanted to make sure she was doing ok.

Day 8~ Carrie

It feels like a huge accomplishment to have reached Week 2!!

Today was good.  It has absolutely flown by though.  Got the kids off to school, then it was time to make breakfast for me and P.  I knew I wanted to make the blueberry muffins, but last time I went to Sprouts they didn't have any blueberries, so we went to Macey's to buy some.  Macey's didn't have any either, SO we settled on strawberries.  Came home, got our ingredients out, and I realized we were all out of eggs!!   Hadn't even thought to look for eggs because we're always stocked with those.  SO, back to the store for eggs.  Then we came home and made our muffins.  We FINALLY ate breakfast at 10:00!  That's so late.  Dance class is at 11, so we pretty much just got ready to go after breakfast.

Dance class ended at noon.  I was absolutely starving for lunch (I was in too big of a rush to think to bring a snack with me to Dance class).  We ran home, grilled some turkey burgers and chicken, to stock the fridge, and ate around 1:30.  Penelope LOVED the turkey burger with apple and goat cheese!  It really is so nice to see our kids eating a little more healthy. . . .and enjoying it.  I let that digest and finally started my workout at 2:30!  RIGHT when I finished, the boys walked in from school.

I haven't showered or changed yet. I did some dishes and laundry and have helped them with homework.  We just finished eating the spaghetti squash/broccoli/tomato/chicken dinner and I thought everything was good except the chicken!  Just couldn't choke it down.   That makes me nervous.  This happened to me with another challenge I tried (6 pack in 6 weeks).  I'm not a huge meat lover, so a week of eating meat in 3 meals a day is really hard for me.  Eventually my body refuses.  I may have to figure out how to switch things up a bit in the future.  I haven't eaten any snacks today, although I probably should have.  I think I'll have some celery and sunflower butter soon.  I WOULD have some chocolate, if I hadn't eaten it all yesterday.  ha ha!

I haven't had a chance to check weight and take pics and all that, but I can't wait!  I'll post about that later.

Changes- Taryn

Well, unfortunately our scale was out of batteries when we started the challenge so I never weighed myself before, but I did take pics. The fact that I didn't know our scale was out of batteries tells you that I was too scared to even look since we've moved! I was eating so much junk!

I am kind of VERY embarrassed to write this down for all to see, especially since I'm the shortest and youngest and should weigh the least of all of us for my frame, but....... I have not been under 130 lbs since having Olivia. That's 4 yrs, ughhh! That makes me so sick to write. Being in school, coping with being a new mom, moving, not knowing where our life was going, working, and then having Scarlett... I just never found anything sustainable and not enough to combat weight gain, I fluctuated between 136 to 138 after Scarlett. Thats when I started freaking out and realized that I really needed to do something. I did insanity one time through this summer and lost 5 lbs! Meaning I was about 132-133. But then we had vacations, packing, and moving and I did nothing and ate everything. I never weighed myself, but I would have had to be somewhere around 135 lbs. Anyway, I am SO happy and excited to say that after one week of eating clean(er) and exercising I have broken back into the 120's for the first time in 4 years!!! Writing that brings tears to my eyes! I sure hope I can keep this up and keep losing. I don't have a real goal but I just want to be healthier and I have always felt that for my height I need to be in the 115 (that would be nice but not likely!) to 125 range. I don't see a big difference in the way I look so that worries me slightly that I might be loosing muscle mass like carrie talked about earlier. I'll have to get a caliper :) But I am just happy to be loosing at all! I would have given up by now if it wasn't for having you guys to "talk" to so I am so happy and grateful that we are all doing this together! And especially thankful to Sarah who started us all on it!

Keep going strong! One more week and we're halfway!

We Did It!

We made it one whole week!!!! I'm really impressed with us ;) This challenge (so far) has been soo hard and yet surprisingly easy. There's a part of me that is shocked I haven't eaten something sugary. I can not explain how terrible my diet was before I started this. I had a daily slushie along with lots of other junk. I'm struggling a little with the lack of variety, but I just keep thinking about the end of the 30 days when my system is clean, I'm a little leaner, and I can start adding different meals. There are all kinds of delicious looking Paleo meals and sweet treats out there. That's kind of my motivation right now.

So, the beginning of a new week. I'm going to go weigh myself and take another picture. I'm excited to see if there are any changes and to hear if you guys have experienced any changes.

Love you! Keep going strong!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Days 4,5,6,7 ~ Sarah

Wow, I haven't posted since day 3?! Sorry! I'm really tired. Every time I sit down to type I decided to go to bed instead.

Day 4 was normal and fine. Nothing interesting to share.

Day 5 was Cornbelly's day. I have to say, I was impressed with my ability to eat well this day. With all of the traveling and being surrounded by yummy food that others were eating, I'm proud of myself for not giving in. A little planning goes a long way when eating this way.

Day 6 was rough. It kind of reminds me of what Carrie was saying about her day 7. I woke up so sick of veggies and so sick of smoothies. I wanted something different for breakfast, but I can't do eggs so it makes it difficult. I ended up having left over zucchini and squash with an avocado and bacon. Not awesome. I spent a lot of money on all these veggies and I refuse to let them go bad. So, I had left overs for lunch. Dinner was eggplant bruschetta. Sooo sick of veggies!! Over did it on dark chocolate to make myself feel happier about veggies and instead made myself sick.

Day 7. Woke up desperate for something that wasn't a smoothie. The day before I bought some almond flour so I could try the blueberry muffins. They were sooo good, but sadly, the egg in them still made me sick. (The almond flour was so expensive that I refuse to let it go to waste, so I'll probably still eat the muffins until they're gone). Other than that, the day was pretty good. The short ribs were delicious to me. I was super greatful to eat something that felt different and out of the ordinary. Tried the sunflower butter that Carrie gave me for dessert...yummy.

Robin said that she had 2 really rough days. I can't remember which days they were for her, but I think I've had mine too (hopefully there won't be any more). Day 3 was awful (the day I woke up super sick) and Day 6 was pretty rough. You guys keep saying that you aren't really craving anything, and I don't either until after the kids go to bed, and then I'm desperate for sugar. The dark chocolate is disgusting to me, and yet somehow hasn't helped me to not eat so much. Anyway, I'll keep trying and hoping that my sugar cravings disappear, or that I find something appropriate to satisfy the craving.

So, like Taryn, I like the idea of documenting what I ate each day (that way I can look back and see what works for me, or figure out why i didn't lose weight) I can't remember everything I ate, so this is not complete, but pretty close.

B: Blueberry Avocado smoothie
Sn: Cherry Pie Larabar (oh my goodness! mmm!)
L: Salmon and Med Veggies
Sn: Apple and Almond Butter
D: Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, Chick, and Tomatoes
Sn: Almond Butter

B: Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

L:  Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, Chick, and Tomatoes
Sn: Larabar  (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, just ok)
D: Apple Pecan Chicken Salad from Wendy's (no dressing and scraped off as much cheese as possible)
Sn: Larabar (Coconut Cream Pie, YUM)

Day 6:
B: Zucchini and squash with an avocado and 3 bacon
L: Spaghetti squash, red pepper and chicken
Sn: ?
D: Eggplant Bruschetta
Dessert: 6 pieces of chocolate

B: Paleo Blueberry Muffins
L: Chicken Salad
Sn: Salad with leftover bruschetta as the dressing
D: Beef short ribs and Med Veggies
Dessert: 2 Chocolates, half an apple and 1 Tbls sunflower seed butter

Day 7- Taryn

Today was a great day! But not in the eating department. We were all just so relaxed that it was harder today for me in that way.

The family had pancakes so I had banana pancakes. I eat them without syrup or anything and drink a lot of water to make it fill me. I really like them because I'm eating 2 eggs and a banana in a way that is yummy to me. I could never just eat 2 scrambled eggs. I was just feeling lazy and not wanting veggies for a snack at that moment, so I had a larabar uber nut roll. I wonder if that's still on the diet? Its still all natural, kosher, and gluten free but I just wondered because of the different name. My stores only have peanut butter larabars and I wanted something different (im pretty sure you arent supposed to have peanuts at all on paleo). I had tuna and avocado and added some carrot sticks for lunch. Everyone in my family was snacking on semi-sweet chocolate chips all day so that was a little hard but I am proud that I have resisted everything this far. Like carrie said, I wasn't as organized or deliberate in my eating today but it wasn't horrible. I did have 3 chocolate squares which isn't great, but they were good.

I do like that this is a sustainable diet. Even though at times I wish I could just eat bread or have baked goods, I haven't given in which is huge for me, and I think its because there are plenty of healthy fats and sugars from fruit. The protein is keeping me full enough to resist. I think it hinges on me being prepared though. If I don't already have an idea of what to eat then I would probably just give in. Which means I better go plan my next week!!

I hope everyone got to enjoy conference! I really liked the morning session! I had the afternoon session on but didn't hear but a few sentences hear and there. The girls weren't able to listen as well on the second half and Brady was studying so I didn't force it.

B: Banana pancakes
S1: Larabar- Uber Nut roll
L: Tuna w/ avocado and a few carrot sticks
S2: Peach w/ handful of almonds
D: Bean soup (leftover from yesterday) 3 chocolate squares

Day 7~ Carrie

  Day 7 was not so great.

  I've been tired all day and just ate random things.  Everything I've eaten is on the diet, so I guess that's good, but I was really unorganized.  Because conference was on, we laid around listening to that, without any real plans.  So breakfast was two pieces of bacon and 1 egg (I didn't feel hungry so I couldn't get both eggs down).  I made the power bars and they were good, but they wouldn't stick together so I just poured them in a bowl and ate it with the spoon.  I ate about 6 dark chocolate squares throughout the day, lunch was leftover chicken salad and sweet potatoes, I had a spoonful of sunflower butter, I made the short ribs and they were ready earlier than dinnertime so I had a couple of those around 2 and then had the rest for dinner, along with some leftover mediterranean veggies.  And now it's 7:00, I feel really tired, and I feel like I could eat some junk.  Like chocolate chip cookies.  Ugh, hopefully I can pull it together tomorrow.  I function much better with a little structure in my day.

  I enjoyed Conference though.  Lots of good talks that I'll have to re-read in a few days.  OH!  And a neighbor brought a plate full of treats over and I didn't eat a thing!!  I have to give myself a pat on the back for that.

  How is everyone else doing?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 6~ Carrie  Just found this instagram, where she posts clean food.  Might be worth looking into after we finish the challenge, to keep us thinking healthy.  Everything looks absolutely delicious!

Cornbelly's went well yesterday. We went for awhile, came home to eat and warm up (freezing day) and then went back again with our boysies because they were still in school the first time we went.  When we came home in between, I made eggplant bruschetta and I thought it was very tasty, if you haven't already made it.  We were at Cornbelly's until at least 9 (?) and I was tempted to get a hot chocolate, but Sare talked me out of it.  (Thanks, Sare) That night, I did have a 3rd snack (a Larabar) because I was really tired and just felt like I needed one more thing to finish off my night.

TODAY-    This morning, I ate a banana pancake (perfect because the rest of the fam was having buttermilk pancakes, so I didn't feel like I was missing out too much) with a little raw honey on top.  We turned the morning session of conference on the radio and I did the mini workout.

  Brad is being paid by his friend, to clean a condo that he owns, so that a new tenant can move in.  I packed up some carrots to snack on, some workout clothes to change into, and a 15lb weight to use, and we all went over to that condo to listen to the rest, while Brad cleaned.  I ended up helping wash the walls instead of working out, and worked up a sweat doing it.  After the session ended, me and the kids left Brad to his work and we went to Sprouts to get groceries for the next few days.

 We came home, grilled some chicken and made the chicken salad wraps while listening to the afternoon session.  Then, before it ended, we got back in the car and went back to that condo, to see Brad.  We listened to the rest of conference in the car and then went in to see how the cleaning was coming along.  It's taking FOREVER to clean that place!!

 I brought B some chicken to eat, the boys played with P, and I did a leg workout.  I felt completely spent after that one, but I have good intentions to do the workout on the challenge, after dinner.  After that, it was pretty much time to go home and make dinner, so that's what we did.  I've got the Greek Chicken in the oven and it smells SO good.  And I'll make the sweet potato hash to go with it.
 B's at priesthood session and he should get home right when the chicken is ready!  Hoping to also get the house clean at some point (maybe after the kids go down) because we want to just enjoy conference tomorrow, and then Mon-Mon, me and the kidlets are on our own, while B goes to work for 2 days and straight to his hunting trip for the next 6.  But then on Tues, we go to Disneyland with mom and dad!!!  SOOOOO excited!

Day 6- Taryn

Had a filling breakfast, and then we went to Liv's soccer game! I brought my apple and sunflower butter in a little tupperware. 

Olivia had to go to the bathroom right when we got there so I took Scarlett out of her stroller and carried her and we all walked waaaaaaaaaaay across like 3 fields to the port-a-potty so Liv could go. Luckily I also took my umbrella with me because it started to drizzle enough that I opened it up but didn't think too much of it. As we were walking back I saw that everyone was packing up or already gone! So obviously they cancelled the game. By the time we got alllllll the back to the stroller it was a ghost town and the rain was starting to steadily get harder. 

I got the girls into their seats and pushed while holding the umbrella. Liv kept getting mad because the rain sometimes got on her and she thought it was my fault for not holding the umbrella perfectly over her. There's a little hill and then a curb that we had to go over so I just gave the umbrella to Liv because I needed two hands. I got it up and over, meanwhile now Liv was yelling because she didn't want to hold the umbrella. I got the umbrella back, although now I was already a little wet. We walked allllllll the way to the furthest part of the parking lot which was kind of funny because when we got there, there was not a single open space which is why we parked way out, and now it was completely empty. Anyway we got to our car, and the ONLY other car in the lot was right  next to ours. I got Liv in the car- she was still fussing because her clothes were a little wet so I just told her to get in and take off her clothes. Then I was trying to get scarlett out with one hand because I had the umbrella in the other. She was squirming and fussing, so I just dropped the umbrella and got her in the car. Then I had to empty the under part of the stroller before collapsing it and getting it into the car. Then I had to squish between the other car (for some reason the lady was just sitting there in the parking lot alone) and my car to get in. I was soaked! It was raining so hard. I had the windshield wipers on full blast and still could barely see in front of me.

Anyway, I had promised Liv that we would get an ice cream cone from mcdonalds after her soccer game, so we went to the drive through and I just got happy meals for the girls because I was done and wanted to come home and not think about what to feed them. I ate my apple snack on the way home which was good so that I didn't eat the fries that were sitting right next to me!

They ate their food and it was hard for me not to have just one fry, but I stayed strong and didnt give in! When they were done I packed it all away so that I wouldnt be tempted to eat it, which is what I always did in the past. We listened to the end of conference (Elder Uchtdorf) and that was a really nice little pick me up.

I had the last of my salmon and veggies to get me fueled for my workout, put the girls down for naps, and did my pure cardio workout. I felt great! I still can't get through this one without stopping a here and there, but I did better than last time so that feels good. I feel like I am getting stronger!

I added another snack- a Larabar. We went to walmart and I was just feeling really hungry. I didn't eat dinner til 7:30 (which is late for us), anyway I probably could have not had an extra snack if we had eaten earlier. Maybe tomorrow. And I had one square of Godiva dark chocolate! It was fabulous!

B: Quiche
S1: Apple w/ sunflower butter
L: 1/3 salmon w/ zucc/squash (the last of it)
S2: Peach w/ handful of almonds
S3: Larabar- Uber
D: Bean soup and a square of dark chocolate

Day 5- taryn

The Banana pancakes are delicious! So sweet! They weren't quite as filling for me as the quiche but a fun change! Since I had fruit for bfast I had carrots for a snack. I just brought a baggie of carrots sticks with me to the grocery store and munched on the them while I shopped. I thought it was funny that Scarlett, Liv, and I all had little baggies of "snacks" while walking through the aisles :)

I decided I wanted to try to eat a little more today to see how it would affect my workout, so I had a protein shake before my exercise. It was a success! I felt totally fueled and had a great workout. I had a small helping of salmon and veggies (leftover dinner from the night before) after the w/o to refuel and that was good because it kept me from getting ravenously hungry. I knew we were going to a parade in our little downtown (Brownsburg) with some friends so I had a Larabar just before we went so that I wouldn't be tempted to have any candy that was being thrown in my direction. Proud to say I refused all the candy! And had a yummy dinner! Brady even liked it!

B: Banana Pancakes
S1: carrots
S2: Protein shake
L: 1/3 of a serving of salmon and baked zucc/squash
S3: Larabar
D: Spaghetti squash, chicken, broccoli

Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 5~ Carrie

The workout this morning was tough.  I did the Gillian Michaels video, which I did a few days ago, but for some reason it was harder for me today.  Before I even started, I was feeling a little queasy so I went ahead and ate my first snack, even though it hadn't been long since breakfast.  I had to stop and rest a few times during the workout but I still feel like I got a good workout in.  Afterwards, I had a protein shake.  I had planned on going to the gym and doing some extras, including my pull-up stuff but I just didn't have it in me.

It's been a few hours since then and I'm feeling fine.  I'm about to make the tuna patties and then I'll head over to Cornbelly's to hang out with the Aaneruds!  I'll bring a Larabar to have when I get hungry.  I'm going to try really really hard not to snack on anything else while we're there.


I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm seeing the start of some definition in my arms and legs and I feel like my stomach is getting flatter.  Since I turned around 30, I feel like my stomach sticks out a good 6 inches when I eat ANYTHING.  It's really frustrating to feel like a flat tummy is just not a possibility for you, but I'm happy to see a change- even if it's a tiny one.  Maybe I have a gluten intolerance and getting rid of breads and pastas is helping the stomach issue?  Anyway, these things are EXTREMELY subtle at this point but I'm excited nonetheless!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 4- Carrie

So, Brad came home this morning, which was mighty exciting for all of us.  He took the boys to school and I ate my breakfast.  Tare, I feel the same about my breakfast.  I've been having the eggs, bacon, and avocado and really like it a lot, but was ready for a change so I made eggs with diced tomatoes, spinach, and onions.  This was really good too and I think I'll stick with it for the next few days.

When Brad got home I filled him in on what he missed the last couple of days.  I didn't even know anything was bothering me.  I've actually been in really hight spirits lately.  It's been fun to communicate with my sisties and I've been really productive and just feeling great, so it was a surprise to me when, as I was telling him about conference, I started to feel so inadequate.  And talking about it leads to more things that I didn't realize were even on my mind.  Anyway, it was good to talk about it.  Sometimes I just need to cry and release negative feelings, and get on with my life.  I have felt a little 'down' the rest of the day but I'm fine.

So, after our talk, I did the yoga workouts for today and did the push-ups since I hadn't done them yet.  And I did a few things from a pull-up challenge that I'm starting!  I was looking around on Pinterest and found this schedule to get you to be able to do an unassisted pull-up by the end of the month and I decided to do it because I already had a pull-up goal and figured this would help me achieve it.  I'm way excited about it, so I'll add these small workouts in each day!

I was really tired after my workout so I had my snack right away.  I knew I was going to have fruit for lunch, so I changed the snack to the celery and sunflower butter.  and I had a small handful of raisins.  I had lunch soon after because I felt like I need more food (looking back, I don't know why I didn't have a protein shake again).  I planned to have the salad again today because it was just so yummy, and I didn't make extra salmon last night to have with lunch today, so that worked.

I felt a little tired in the afternoon (that probably wouldn't have been the case if I had taken a protein shake) but I had my second snack around 3:30, went visiting teaching, and came home to make dinner.  I had the spaghetti squash with broccoli and chicken.  I added some organic diced tomatoes because I just couldn't eat it without sauce.  I don't know if that's allowed but I need the meals to be interesting enough or I won't eat them.  Two seconds after dinner, I ran to the fridge for a square of chocolate and it tasted divine.

What I LOVE about this 'diet' (maybe I'll call it a lifestyle because I hope to make it into one for myself) is that it really seems doable.  I think, because we're allowed to have healthy fat in every meal, it fills us up and keeps us from craving sweets and junk.  It hasn't been a huge struggle for me to stick to.  It definitely takes discipline but it's been way less effort than I expected.  Never have I tried to eliminate any foods, without giving up after a day or two.  We're on day 4 and I'm going strong!!  Also, when I get stressed or tired, I ALWAYS run to the kitchen for something to comfort me.  Didn't even feel the urge today, after having a crying session!  That's huge.

Day 4- Taryn

I am doing so much better today! It helps that we don't have anything scheduled today. Not very much fun for my kids that we're just home all day, but I need it sometimes.

I drank my water, did push ups, and then ate my breakfast. Still very yummy and flavorful, but I think I will try something different for breakfast tomorrow. I'm just ready for something new. The good thing about the quiches is that they really fill me up. SO much that I didnt even have my snack til about 30 mins before exercising which was perfect. I felt fueled for the exercise.

I was so happy to workout this morning, I did loose a little energy near the end, so I still think I need to actually eat my snack and half of lunch before working out (if I'm exercising in the middle of the day). I ate lunch immediately after and that felt really good.

I am feeling very productive today too! Took a shower, got caught up on laundry (the bane of my existence), and keeping the house semi-clean. Maybe I will take the girls to the grocery store for a fun outing! ;)

ps- where or what kind/brand of dark chocolate are you guys getting?

I want to keep a sort of food diary for myself for the future when I forget how to eat healthy, so this is more for me.

B: Quiche
S1: Pear w/ 2T sunflower seed butter
L: Chicken salad wrap
S2: peach w/ handful of almonds
D: Salmon w/ baked zucchini and squash

FYI: I'm not keeping completely with her food, just making sure that my snacks are whole foods and healthy. I never researched what EXACTLY is included in the paleo diet, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I am more hoping to just learn to make healthier choices when it comes to food.


Kjirst, it sounds like you're doing really good with the challenge!  I can't believe all that is on your plate and you're sticking with it!  That's awesome.

If you didn't go to bed until 1am, I say hallelujah that Liam didn't have to be to school early and you were able to sleep a little longer.  You NEED that sleep.  So, if you can just get a small workout in, later in the day, that would be great.  Even just some stretches!   I think it would be more important for you to go to bed early tonight and get a good night's rest, than to workout hard.

So, this morning, Brad got home from work and, although I held it together really well (in my humble opinion), these last two days, I broke down.  Sometimes I think there are things in the back of my mind, that I don't even know are bothering me, that come flooding out when I have someone to talk to.  Apparently I'm having feelings of inadequacy lately.  Teeny little things will make me feel like a bad mom and I don't even realize I'm letting those thoughts come into my mind until I burst out crying and it all comes to the surface.  A comment from a friend and the conversation in Colson's parent/teacher conference somehow have just really stuck in my head and I'm feeling horrible about myself.  My head is now pounding, but I'm going to try to do the yoga workouts for today.

I ate my breakfast and drank lots of water.  That's all I've done so far because Brad came home and I unloaded all of my troubles on him.  : )

Hopefully that's all I needed- a little venting session- and I can get right back into my day.  Kj, I haven't really had cravings either, which is awesome!  I do want chocolate and would have probably eaten some too, if I had bought it yet.  I'll get some today.

Love you all!  I'm so happy we have this blog so that I can talk to my sisters!  It makes the whole day brighter.

Day 3 / and the sad start to day 4. . .

Well yesterday was definitely "hump day"!  And I needed a little push to get to the top of the hill!  I started the day great . . . Drank my water, exercised, ate my breakfast and lunch.  I loved being out and seeing ladies in their workout clothes, knowing that I had already done that . . . AND had showered and gotten dressed.  :).   I grocery shopped yesterday as well, and enjoyed being at Sprouts with all the healthy choices available.  I even resisted the samples . . . Except for one grape.  Had a larabar for a snack.  I resisted candy corn that was in a dish on my counter (our little neighbor friends helped clear that out for me;).

I made teriyaki chicken and rice for my family . . . And the vegetable bake for me.  I just ate it with a left over grilled chicken breast.  Quinn was feeling like our boys needed more carbs at dinner, since they are growing and have a practice every night, so that's why I did that.  I also served the veggies to everybody too, though.  I thought they were yummy.

So dinner is where things started to unravel a bit.  It was a busy evening with lots of running kids here and there, so we didn't even eat until 7:30.  By this point, I was also falling short on my water consumption . . . So I was starting to drag.  Well, I ate my dinner, and then went straight for the chocolate!  I ate 4 squares!!!!!  But at least it was dark chocolate (90% cocoa).  I ate each square in tiny bites, and savored each tiny bite, and let it melt in my mouth.  It was SO satisfying!!!!
And I just felt AWESOME afterwards!!!!  (Probably because of the caffeine pick me up!). But I feel like it was just what I needed, and I really didn't feel that bad about it.  It gave me great energy to finish the dishes, prepare lunches, sign folders, write out checks for school pictures and the school fundraiser, etc.  BUT . . . I didn't get to bed until after 1am.  :(


And now day four . . . Is already progressively worse.  :(. It's game day for Liam, so he doesn't have to be to school until 7:30am.  Which means I don't get up as early . . . Which means . . . I didn't exercise.  :(.  In fact . . . I haven't even had one sip of water, or eaten breakfast, and it's 9:15!  I promise I will do my best to get back on track here though.  I'll probably do some sort of low intensity exercise.  And I think I need to get some smoothie ideas from Sarah, for the days that I don't feel like making breakfast (like today).  ;)

I also wanted to concur with you my amazing sisters . . . I too, have noticed, like Carrie, that I have felt hotter, and more sweaty in my workouts . . . Which I love, and am taking as a good sign.  :). And I agree with Taryn's observation that my kids are eating healthier because I'm setting a better example, and have better choices available.  LOVE IT!  Good stuff.  I really haven't had any crazy cravings that I couldn't handle . . . other than the chocolate . . . but that was also because I was hungry, tired, and thirsty.  If I keep those things in check . . . all should go well.  :)  No more headaches either, which is a plus.

I'm glad you're tweaking things Sarie, to account for having your body sucked dry through nursing.  :)  And I'm so proud of all of you for your willpower and self-dicipline.  I love hearing about your busy days . . . and all that's going on in your lives (besides the diet).  This has been so fun.  I'm so glad we're doing it together.  Not only are we hopefully improving our health . . . but I feel like we are in touch better than we've ever been (ALL of us at once!!!)  It makes me feel SO happy!  And honestly . . . a few times when I have felt draggy . . . I have gotten on here to read your updates . . . and they ALWAYS help me feel happier.  :)

Love you all!!!!!!!  And keep up the good work.  :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 3- Taryn

I'll start off with the negative- I didn't work out at all today. I am disappointed about that but all I can do is not get too down on myself. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again!

I needed to go grocery shopping and planned to while Liv was at preschool. I went to drop her off only to have my sweet friend greet me in her pajamas and messy hair to tell me that she was sick with the flu. She left me a message on my phone letting me know that preschool was at my other friends house (only I don't have a phone which I think people forget because its been waaaay too long and normal people would have just gotten a new one by now- we're holding out for a free one). Embarrassed, I hurried Liv back in the car and drove back past my own house over to my other friends house on the complete other side of town. We were a full half hour late, but I was able to go grocery shopping.

I did laundry for the 45 mins that I was home with Scarlett, then time to pick Liv up. I put both girls down for a nap and instead of working out I had to clean the house because we had a (i dont know what you call it) check up today with the builder to see any last items that need to be fixed. Anyway, there was a lot to do upstairs and I figured Id do that and then Brady could help me sweep and pick up downstairs when he got home.

He didn't get home because he forgot and the builder came! I was, yet again, embarrassed that the kitchen needed to be swept while I was trying to show him where 2 squeaky boards were and remember all the things Brady and I had talked about wanting them to fix. Brady got home for the tail end of the "meeting". When the builder left, we hurried and cleaned downstairs because we had a date and real babysitters coming to our house to watch the girls. Then I ran upstairs to throw some clothes and make-up on and we were out.

You don't need to know any of that I dont know why I wrote it all. I stuck to the meal plans and I did add an extra snack even though I didn't work out. Our date was a murder mystery dinner... I ate a salad, chicken, asparagus and didn't eat the potatoes. I did have a bite of cupcake.

It was an okay day, but I wished I worked out to justify the extra snack and cupcake. I have the worlds worst willpower! I realllllly want to wake up and workout before the kids get up because I did that last summer and it worked so well for me. Hoping to start with early morning work outs on Friday. That way nothing will get in the way!!

B- Quiche
S1- celery w/ 2T sunflower seed butter and a Larabar
L- Chicken salad wrap
S2- apple w/ sunflower seed butter
D- Out to eat (chicken w/ asparagus and a naughty half of cupcake)

Days 2 & 3 ~ Sarah

Hello there!
Day 2:
Things went pretty great yesterday. Tried another recipe for my morning smoothie, yum. I was still really hungry so a few hours later I had the spinach and onion leftover from the night before. But not very long later I was hungry again! I had lunch at 11:10. I added as much lettuce as I could to fill me up. I think that was a good idea. I felt better. Had a snack at 2. Dinner about 5:30. Even though I added in the leftovers between breakfast and lunch, I still had my second snack after the kids went to bed. I was feeling good but my tummy was hurting a little bit.

Day 3:
Holy cow! I get up probably twice in the night to feed Holden. Its not too bad, but when I got up at one I wasn't feeling so good. Fed him, had some water and went back to bed. I tossed and turned all night. I was hot and sweaty, and feeling pretty crappy. When I got up to feed him at 5, I didn't think I was even going to make it up the stairs. I did! While I was feeding Hold I was devising a plan in case I needed to make a run for it. Go to the kitchen, or try to run up or down stairs to a bathroom? It didn't matter because I nursed him and laid him back down and then slept on the couch because walking around just aggravated it all.

I was kind of freaking out because the pain was so awful (i know this is dramatic, but it brought back memories of giving birth just a few months ago! not contraction pain, but I always get really nauseous in labor). Anyway, I was running through all kinds of things that I thought it could be, withdrawals, not enough food, diabetes! Haha! I needed food desperately, but the thought made me sick, and I really didn't want to mess up everything I had done (for the past 2 days ;)). I cheated a little. I had 6 crackers and 1/2 a banana. The banana wasn't really cheating for MY diet because I have one in my smoothie each morning. I was proud of myself for eating only 6 crackers because the old me (you know, from 2 days ago   hehe!) would have eaten half the box of crackers. No wait, that's not true, SHE would have eaten all the reese's sitting in the pantry.

It didn't want to give up on the diet even though, at the time, it felt like maybe it just wasn't for me. I felt good enough to get up and make my smoothie, and have slowly started to feel better since then. I had the lunch of tuna and avocado, and am doing good!

I felt a little bit nauseous yesterday when woke up, but figured I was just hungry. So my current conclusion is that I WAS just hungry this morning, but REALLY hungry. I realized that the last time I eat anything in the day is 7:30, and then I don't eat again until 8:30 the next morning. I feed Holden 4 or 5 times in that time frame. I think my body needs a little more to make up for all that its doing to feed baby bean. I've decided to add another meal at the end of my day instead of a 2nd snack. I'm going to try a smoothie tonight and see if I feel better in the morning.

I do also think that some of it is me having withdrawals (again, so dramatic sounding) from sugar and carbs. Those were a HUGE part of my diet....even Sunday night before we started. I'm still really excited and am thinking all of these awful feelings just mean that my body is headed in the right direction and this is going to be really good for me.

~So, on to other things. Robin said that she was extra tired and had headaches for the first 2 weeks. So, that's normal, and sadly will probably continue for a while.
~Carrie posted some tips for food and exercise before we started doing this, and mentioned the TMI stuff about pee being any kind of yellow meaning you probably still weren't drinking enough water and maybe dehydrated. Well, here's my TMI to add to it. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and my pee was a little yellow. It was weird to me because it was clear for days before. So I looked up some things, and found that on a diet low in carbs your body doesn't keep as much water, carbs helped with that. They say to add a little salt to your diet to help keep more water. Not a lot, but some. That may have been part of my sickness this morning too...I don't know.
~I drank my 8 cups of water but needed more to try and convince me I wasn't hungry. But I was soo tired of water. So I added flavor (which Robin says is ok). It made me ok with drinking water again, and conviced me I was getting something really cool and off limits!

So, that's it for now! Hope I didn't bore everyone, but figured I'd mention it incase anyone has experienced it, or may later.

PS where did everyone find sunflower butter and larabars? we'll be in UT this weekend so I thought I might look for some.

Day 3~ Carrie

I'm pleasantly surprised by today.  Wednesdays are our crazy busy days so I wasn't sure how it would go, but I wrote out what needed to happen at what time of day and that helped a lot.

So this morning I drank my water and did my calf exercises, had the boys work on homework (music because they have music class after school and we won't be able to come home first) while I cooked breakfast.  I ate my eggs, bacon, and avocado, and then got a protein shake and larabar ready for after my workout.  Penelope was being a stinker this morning and wouldn't eat her breakfast so, after we dropped the boys at school, we came BACK home instead of going straight to the gym as planned, so she could eat something.  Still didn't eat much but we went to the gym anyway, AFTER I went BACK to the boys' school because Colson forgot his Math book for about the 3rd time this week.

Finally made it to the gym, did a 'Daily Hiit' workout, 2 rounds of the abs from the challenge, three sets of ten pull-ups (pushing off of a bench), three sets of 10 squats with 40lbs over my back, and ran twice around the track, sprinting the last 1/4 (it's 6 laps for a mile so that was only 1/3 of a mile).  I felt justified in having a protein shake because I thought that was a lot to do without replenishing myself.  I got Penelope from daycare and we headed to Sprouts for our groceries for the rest of the week.  On the way, I ate my first Larabar, and shared it with P.  Came home and had my yummy salad.  I probably ate way too much because she didn't say how much fruit or anything, but I really liked it!

Now it's off to shower, then to parent/teacher conferences, music class, eat another Larabar, hopefully clean the house while they're in class, make dinner, Scouts, do homework,  and bed.  PHEW!!


I'm anxious to hear from my sisters!  I keep hoping to see an update from one of you today.  Tare, did you eat a little extra today?  Sare, are you feeling any better?  Hopefully you were able to rest.  Kjirst, is it any better today?  Are you going to take a little break?  Did you get lots of sleep?

Hope you're all doing well!  Can't wait to hear!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2~ Carrie

Today was really good!  Overall, I liked all of these meals better than yesterday.  Especially the chicken salad wraps.  And I did better at eating them without too much time in between.   I DO feel like I have to go to bed kind of early, otherwise I would be dying for more food.  But that's okay, it's good to get sleep.

I was surprised at how sweaty I got in the workout.  I didn't think it looked that hard.  It makes me feels like I must be burning fat!  : )  I don't know if that's what it means but I don't usually sweat that much when I work out.  Actually I've been sweating a lot more in general.  All day I've felt really hot.

I definitely think it helps to be prepared.  Tonight after the kids go down, I'll look over everything for tomorrow, write down what I need to get at the store (I only shopped through Wednesdays meals), check the day's schedule and figure out where the workout and meals will fit best, and see if there's anything I can prep tonight.

I'll eat my last meal in about an hour.  I only ate one snack so far so I'll probably have another one a couple hours after dinner because I know I'll be hungry.  And then I'll try to be in bed by 10.

Day 2- Taryn

I am doing way better today than yesterday. I have easily drunk (?) the water and enjoyed all the tasty food today....however it is 3:30 and I'm really getting hungry already.

This is the hardest time of day for me because I am very snacky, and I just had my snack. I think tomorrow I might try to not have a snack between b-fast and lunch and save it so I can have 2 snacks right now.

I just did my workout, I do the insanity workouts, and it happened to be pure cardio which is one of the most intense workouts. I didn't have a ton of energy. I put Olivia down for a nap (scarlett was already asleep) and I wanted to just go to sleep on Liv's bed. I actually closed my eyes and Olivia said "No mama, go to your own bed. Actually you are going to do exercising, haha." Good thing I told her that so she could be my encouragement :) I had to stop several times and jump back in.

Anyway, I am going to tough it out! I guess I'll just try to stay busy and keep my mind off of food.

One positive thing I am noticing today is that my kids are eating way healthier since I am. Scarlett ate some sunflower butter and an apple slice for a snack and had lots of steamed broccoli with her macaroni at lunch (the broccoli was leftover from the breakfast I made. I had extra so I just steamed it). Olivia had a bite of an apple and a bit of broccoli, which is good for her. It makes me feel good to have healthy things to offer my kids. I have been worried about Olivia with her mood swings and as I've prayed and thought about it, I have realized that her diet is awful and am hoping that getting less processed food in her will help. Teaching my kids to eat healthy starts with me!

B- Quiche
S1- apple w/ 2 T sunflower seed butter
L- tuna mixed w/ avocado
S2- larabar
D- grilled chicken w/ spinach, onion, and mushroom (this one was not very yummy to me)

Day two . . .

Not going quite as strong today for me.  I got up early to exercise, like yesterday . . . but I fell asleep on the floor while I was stretching, afterwards.  I am SO tired.  I woke up when Quinn tried to cover me with a blanket.

I'm really sore today . . . from my workout yesterday.  I don't have much energy, or much of an appetite, which is weird.  I ate the breakfast at 8, and it's 12:40 now, and I'm just not hungry for lunch.  I'm just tired.

So I'm technically still doing everything for the challenge . . . I'm just not doing ANYTHING that I need to do for normal life.  :(  I have mounds of laundry . . . lots of messy rooms . . . groceries to buy . . .  floors to mop . . . and a sweet little girl needing some quality attention.

I don't think the tired-ness is just from the challenge though.  We had a CRAZY weekend.  We spent about 9 + hours on Saturday attending and preparing and shuttling to our kids games.  And had an especially dramatic Sunday . . . just wait till you have teenagers.  Ugh.  And I think it's just all catching up with me.

I've learned that I seem to have a day where I can really knock it out of the park with what I'm able to accomplish, but inevitably, the next day is a real drag . . . and I accomplish almost nothing.

Anyway . . . I hope I can keep a more even pace.  I think that getting healthy will certainly help with that.

As far as yesterday . . . I liked the lunch too.  And my whole family gobbled up the dinner with no complaints.  :)

And to you, my sweet sisters . . . you are in such a wonderfully challenging time of life, with lots of little ones at your feet.  I'm glad you are not beating yourselves up about missing the first workout, or drinking tea samples, etc.  Just remember this challenge is to help you improve your health and fitness, so any effort is effort none the less.  And the important things are happening . . . taking care of your babies, spending time with people you care about, etc.  I think you are all already incredibly beautiful both inside and out.  I respect you all for stretching and improving yourselves as you take on this challenge, and am SO excited to go along with you!  :)


Day 1~ Carrie

Hi girls!

 I loved reading about your day 1 experiences!  I did the workout in the morning and it was really hard.  I've done that one before and really like it but it IS a challenge.  I had a headache all day.  Like, a SPLITTING headache.  I don't think it has anything to do with the diet because I could feel it coming on on Sunday night, before I had started, but hopefully it will get better soon.

I did good on the food but went too long before lunch.  We took P to dance from 11-12 and then I suggested going to the mall to see the new H&M (even though I should have been eating lunch) so we did a little shopping and didn't leave until 2!  Completely lost track of time.  So my headache was out of control and I was starving.  I gobbled the tuna down when I got home, which helped a bit.

I had some tea samples at the mall.  We like Teavana so we went in and tried all of the samples.  Sometimes I beat myself up about any cheating but I was fine with that.  As long as I don't get out of control.  There were a few times I wanted some snacks from the pantry or what my family was eating for dinner (Costa Vida), but I resisted, so I'll focus on the success rather than the 'cheating'.  I had another snack a couple hours before dinner and then had my chicken and spinach and onion.  Kind of bland.  I wish I had seasoned the chicken better.

  We grilled a big batch so I cut it all into (what I think is) 5oz portions and put them in the fridge for easy access.  I also already prepared the chicken salad last night and had a bite.  It's really good so I'm looking forward to lunch!

 I MAY add a harder workout in on some days (if I have time) just because I'm used to doing more.  If I do, I'll eat an extra lunch (ie, another chicken salad wrap, OR a protein shake with spinach and avocado).

I took before pictures, measurements, a before video (flexing and resting my abs.  Basically at this point you can't tell I'm doing anything but I'm hoping after 30 days you'll be able to see the flexion) and I took my bodyfat %.


I have a bodyfat caliper and I think it's a great tool when you're doing a challenge like this.  With the caliper, you can find out how much fat you have vs how much lean mass.  So imagine I weigh 150lbs and, after taking my bodyfat %, I find out I have 50lbs of fat on my body.  This means the remaining 100lbs is lean mass.  Say I lose 20 lbs.  YEA!!  I now weigh 130lbs.  But wait.  I don't feel like I see the change as much as I should.  I take my bodyfat% again and realize that I only lost 10lbs of fat.  That means that only HALF of the 20 lbs I lost was made up of fat.  The other half must have been muscle.  That's not good.  We want to lose fat and gain or maintain muscle.

 So, on the other hand, I may weigh 150 lbs., lose NO weight, but look and feel better.  When I take my bodyfat% I learn that I've lost 10 lbs of fat.  Since my weight didn't change, I know I gained that back in muscle.

So I think it's a great tool to have, rather than only using a scale because the scale doesn't tell the whole story.  As you lose weight, you can tell if you're losing muscle instead of fat, which tells you there needs to be a change (eat more protein, or less carbs, or lift more weights).  You can get one here. I have the slim guide with the booklet.

Day 1 ~Sarah

So, I wish I could lie and tell you I exercised, but I can't. And to be honest, I'm okay with it. I did pretty good with my food, but working out is going to take some time for me. Between my allergies acting up, sick kids, and a nursing baby...I'm just so tired! I know these are just excuses that will always be there, I'm going to allow my self to be too tired to workout for now, and am focusing on food choices. I'll add workouts when I feel like I can, and when I'm more confident in my ability to eat right.

I had a battle with the world's worst blender to make my smoothie in the morning, but it was yummy and made a lot after the extra coconut milk I had to add. I had the tuna and avocado for lunch. I didn't mind it at all. Probably has something to do with the fact that I was pretty hungry by then. I snacked on an apple and almond butter before dinner. Had the chicken and spinach and onion for dinner, and then snacked on apple and almond butter for dessert. I drank about 12 cups of water, and feel good about that.

I made one dinner last night. Everyone had what I had. My kids complain A LOT about what I give them for dinner, so I braced myself for some whinning. Not. A. Word! I was surprised! Everyone even ate the sauteed spinach!

Holdie had his fussiest day EVER. I'm assuming its coincidental, and doesn't actually have anything to do with my diet change (he may have allergies too), but I may decide to add one extra meal in the day. I don't want to starve that little dude.

So, on to Day 2! I'm pretty excited to try today's lunch. I'm going to have it on top of lettuce instead of wrapped in a leaf. I couldn't find any leaves big enough, plus I think the extra salad will help make me really full. 

Did everyone take a before pic? I forgot. I'm gonna go do that now...

Day 1- Taryn

So the first day of the challenge was not off to a good start for me. I was coming off a hard/busy weekend and had pre-school at my house which I wasn't as prepared for as I wanted to be, which led to me staying up waaaaay late on Sunday night getting things ready. Then Monday morning I was still running around trying to get things prepared for school, that I didn't drink my water. No excuses though, I should have had the water bottle by my bed, but to be honest I was deliriously tired and I forgot! I know you are thinking how could you forget that we were starting this big 30 day challenge after you read and planned and wrote and shopped? I don't know either. I need more sleep. I didn't work out yesterday either :( However, it did make me more pumped for today! Silver lining right?

I did eat the quiches for breakfast and it was SO good! I was really happy to know that I do enjoy it because I truly dislike eggs. I cooked the quiches totally wrong and they still turned out delicious! (The things I did wrong when cooking: I didn't add water and instead of adding a little eggs to the muffin tins, sprinkling with veggies, and adding more I accidentally added all the eggs and then sprinkled all the veggies on top and didn't have any egg to add on top of the veggies). I put red bell pepper, turkey bacon (only two pieces for the 12 tins), broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, and onion in because I love onions. Some probably would not want to have onions for breakfast but I knew that a) I brush my teeth right after breakfast and b) I need that flavor to mask the egg flavor (a funny thing to say when you are eating eggs). Even Olivia, who is the pickiest eater in the world and has a really sensitive nose and constantly tells me dinner stinks and won't even let anyone eat next to her because she can smell their food, said it smelled good!! I think I will make a second batch for my family! Its the easiest breakfast ever. I might get tired of it after a few days so I am glad to have more options.

I am happy to try again today and already drank 32 oz of water so far! Hope everyone else is still pumped :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

It begins . . .

Day 1 of the Paleo challenge is off to a good start!  I got up at 5:30 this morning, drank my water, and did the mini workout (calf raises).

After I got Liam off to football, I exercised.  I just did my slim and 6 DVD because I know it's a good work out for me (cardio and strength).  But I'm excited to hear what you guys think of the workouts she provided, if you do them.  And thanks for that GREAT list of workout options that you just posted Carrie!!!  I'm sure I'll try a few if them as well!

The breakfast was super yummy, and the perfect amount (I did the eggs, avocado, and bacon).  I'm curious to see how you like the breakfast quiches, Taryn.  I think it's a great thing to be able to grab on busy mornings.

I've already drank 32 oz of water, and it's not even 9am yet.  So I'm feeling really good about that, because I'm not the best at remembering to drink water throughout my day.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear your updates!  I'm really excited about this . . . And actually feel like it's going to be sustainable, and work for me!  I love that I can sneak my work out in after Liam leaves, and before I wake the other kids up!  That's been such an issue over the last several years . . . Just finding a consistent spot in my day for excercise.  I like the fact that I don't have to wake up to excercise . . . I'm waking up for something else, and can just slip it in there so nicely.   :)

I'm excited!

Love you all, and good luck!  :)

Oh . . . P. S.  I made the eggplant bruschetta last night and it was really yummy!  :)