Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update- Taryn

I'm not keeping up with days anymore, but wanted to just check in.

I "binged" one night and had 4 chocolate chip cookies. Since then I've been keeping pretty strictly with the diet and I've been exercising almost every day. I'm a little sick- not sure what it is maybe strep, but its really weird because I don't feel anything during the day except a little weak. The first day I was feeling sick I stuck to the diet and napped instead of exercising when my girls were asleep. Brady let me sleep in and that seemed to help a lot, because I didn't feel much during the day and decided to go ahead and work out because I didn't want it to throw me too far off- just did it knowing I was sick and didn't push extremely hard or anything. Same today- I just have a bad sore throat and a little congested, but really only bad at night.

Anyway, in the past I would have eaten those cookies and thought that they tasted so good and that dieting was just too hard and I would have reverted back to eating junk all day everyday, but not this time! My personal mantra is "don't give up" so I'm not. I made a mistake but I'm pushing forward. One thing that has helped my mindset too was that I knew I was going to have a night where I would be allowing myself to eat special stuff (the gala). Knowing that made HUGE difference. I was totally able keep strictly to her diet knowing I would get a reward.

With all that said, I am really liking the idea of having one day a week (maybe not even every week) where you can allow yourself some treats. I kept with the diet all day and then just splurged at dinner. I have another special occasion this weekend- Brady's bday, so that is a nice thing in the back of my head that is helping me be totally fine on the diet. It is soon, and it is happening. I resisted the chocolate chip cookies today when my family was eating them without a problem :) 

I keep remembering things- but I didn't even feel guilty at all at the gala because I knew I would be going back to eating healthy. AND that didn't depress me like it used to :) because I know that I will get to have special stuff again. It is all truly a mindset thing for me. I may not loose weight quickly doing it this way, but I think in the long run I will be so much healthier and I truly feel like I have made a lifestyle change.

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