Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 1 Results

Brad was able to come home for a couple hours tonight, which was awesome.  It made bedtime so much easier on me.

But he was busy taking pictures of our tv (we've sold it like three times and then people back out at the last minute.  long story) to post on ksl, while I waited patiently for him to help me with my measurements, after I got all of the kids in bed.  Then he hurriedly says, 'oh!  i lost track of time!  i have to go!'

ugh, so i forced him to do the caliper on my arms and back but it was totally rushed so i have no idea if it's accurate AT ALL.  i did the measurement on my waist by myself, which is not easy to do.  what's worse is that i'm feeling really chubby tonight and i don't know why.  just feeling like my stomach is sticking out again and i think i get discouraged easily when i feel like i've put so much work into this so shouldn't i be down like ten pounds?  kidding.  i know that's not how it works, but i just feel like there should be MORE.

BUT, if these measurements are accurate, here are my results:

weight lost: 1.4 lbs (who knows?  you could fluctuate that much in an hour)
inches lost: 1 inch (1/2 an inch in my waist, 1/4 an inch in both arms, nothing in my hips and thighs- my problem areas. go figure)

% bodyfat lost: 1%
lbs of fat lost (according to my rushed caliper measurements): 1.662 lbs
muscle gained:.262 lbs

and then brad took the camera so he could take more pictures of the tv, so i didn't get to take my one week pictures.

So, there it is.  Week 1.  Not too significant but that's okay.

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  1. That just shows that you don't have much to loose! I on the other hand.... Anyway, that is great that there have been some changes and you're still going strong!