Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 7- Taryn

Today was a great day! But not in the eating department. We were all just so relaxed that it was harder today for me in that way.

The family had pancakes so I had banana pancakes. I eat them without syrup or anything and drink a lot of water to make it fill me. I really like them because I'm eating 2 eggs and a banana in a way that is yummy to me. I could never just eat 2 scrambled eggs. I was just feeling lazy and not wanting veggies for a snack at that moment, so I had a larabar uber nut roll. I wonder if that's still on the diet? Its still all natural, kosher, and gluten free but I just wondered because of the different name. My stores only have peanut butter larabars and I wanted something different (im pretty sure you arent supposed to have peanuts at all on paleo). I had tuna and avocado and added some carrot sticks for lunch. Everyone in my family was snacking on semi-sweet chocolate chips all day so that was a little hard but I am proud that I have resisted everything this far. Like carrie said, I wasn't as organized or deliberate in my eating today but it wasn't horrible. I did have 3 chocolate squares which isn't great, but they were good.

I do like that this is a sustainable diet. Even though at times I wish I could just eat bread or have baked goods, I haven't given in which is huge for me, and I think its because there are plenty of healthy fats and sugars from fruit. The protein is keeping me full enough to resist. I think it hinges on me being prepared though. If I don't already have an idea of what to eat then I would probably just give in. Which means I better go plan my next week!!

I hope everyone got to enjoy conference! I really liked the morning session! I had the afternoon session on but didn't hear but a few sentences hear and there. The girls weren't able to listen as well on the second half and Brady was studying so I didn't force it.

B: Banana pancakes
S1: Larabar- Uber Nut roll
L: Tuna w/ avocado and a few carrot sticks
S2: Peach w/ handful of almonds
D: Bean soup (leftover from yesterday) 3 chocolate squares


  1. I agree with all of what you said- this being a sustainable diet because of the way the meals are set up, not craving things we usually crave. But also that you MUST plan ahead. That's why today was more difficult. I was just eating as I got hungry instead of having a plan. You did really well today though. Good job resisting the chocolate chips and having dark choc instead. at least you didn't eat 6 pieces like me. ha ha! : ) I don't know what the nut roll is so I don't know if it's considered okay. but it's probably similar to the snack i had today (cinnamon, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and dates all packed into a bar?)

  2. Hmmm, you're right. Peanuts are not allowed on the diet. I didn't think about that. I got a few Larabars that were peanut butter cookie. Oh well! Sounds like you're going pretty strong. Good job resisting the chocy chips! I'm kind of glad that everyone else is eating some dark choc too, and its not just me.;)

  3. Hey Taryn, I know that you said that you are mostly doing this to train yourself to eat more healthy foods (and you're doing great btw). I also know that Danee mentioned in one of her posts that she isn't sticking too hard to the actual Paleo part because of nursing (which I totally get). Anyway, you said once that you haven't read up on Paleo too much. I don't know tons, but I have been reading a lot, and just thought I'd mention that quite a lot of what Danee does is NOT Paleo.I just want you to know so that you don't look on her blog and think that anything she eats is free game. I think we've all kind of decided to tweak the diet in ways that work of us, so if you decide to eat more like Danee that is, of course, fine. I just don't want you to do that without realizing its not Paleo.

  4. Yeah, I realized that and did omit some things when I made one of her recipes- the bean soup. For example, She used ground beef and I used grilled chicken. I don't love it and will be sticking to robins for the recipes since carrie has shared some of the ones she really liked. This week I am trying a lot of the ones I think everyone else did last week. I am not necessarily doing all paleo but I would like to eat less processed food and more lean meat. Thanks for the heads up :)

  5. Oh good Tare! I felt a little silly after I left that comment last night because I realized you probably were already aware. But I stopped by her blog and saw some of the stuff she was eating, and was surprised. At this point its probably a good idea to call it a portion control diet rather than the Paleo challenge. Cheese pizza...I wish!