Friday, October 11, 2013

Days 11 and 12~Carrie

  I can't even keep track of my days anymore.  I thought it was Thursday all day today.  Kinda nice to know it's a day later. : )

  I finally went to the store today.  I never got a chance to go to the store after Tuesday night's brownie fiasco.  I wonder if I would have gotten through those couple of days easier, without so many mistakes, if I hadn't had Fall Break and Brad's trip, ALL at the same time.  When you're on a diet and the hardest day of the diet coincides with the hardest day of your month, that's a lot stacked against you.

  Yesterday, Day 11, I ate breakfast (eggs, spinach, onions, and tomatoes) and a snack (celery, sunflower seed butter, and raisins), and didn't eat a real meal the rest of the day.  The kids had sandwiches for dinner and I had a few handfuls of carob chips.   I babysat my friend's kids and had to hold the 10month old pretty much the whole time because he was screaming.  I think he's scared of me.  I do NOT have a way with babies.  I'm really quite bad with kids.  That's why I don't love babysitting when Brad's gone.  Kids LOVE him and hate me.  I was counting down the minutes until they came home and right when I thought they should be arriving, she texted and said it would be a few more minutes.  It was another hour.  Luckily he calmed down about the last 20 minutes.

  So that wasn't a great day.  Skipping meals is very typical of me.  Sometimes simple things seem like too much trouble for me.  I know if I can get in a better habit of eating throughout the day, I'd have more success, but it's just hard for me, for some reason.


  This morning the boys used all but one egg to make french toast, so I made that one egg and 2 slices of bacon.  I hadn't gone to the store at this point, so I didn't have any avocado.  Then I noticed there was a little more cinnamon egg in their french toast bowl.  I didn't want to eat the egg alone, with cinnamon in it, so I made my own french toast, with ezekial bread we still have in the freezer, and put my other egg on top.

 The mom of one of Colson's school friends called at this point, and wanted to pick Colse up in a few minutes to have him play at their house.  That got me moving.  I felt like it was my chance to get something done.    Right when he left, I did a quick DailyHiit workout.  I was going to do Gillian Michaels but I get so bored when I've done the same workout just a couple days ago.  I have to switch it up more (I'm like that with movies, too.  I can't watch a movie unless it's been years since I've seen it last, but I prefer to always see something new).  So I did a quick 12 minute workout and then we went to Sprouts.  The kids HATE going to the grocery store with me, so having one less kid was great.  Got back home RIGHT as Colson was pulling up to our house with his friend.  Perfect.  And I had a Larabar on the way home from the store.

  Yesterday the kids went to a friend's house too, so I invited those friends over to pay their mom back.  So we have three boys here now.  I've just been cooking up all of my meat.  Some steak for tonight, turkey burgers for lunch (which I just finished eating), and chicken for tomorrow's salad.

  Aww, it's nice to feel prepared again.

B: 1 ezekial french toast with another egg on top, 2 slices bacon
S: Cherry Pie Larabar
L: Turkey burger with 1/2 apple and goat cheese
S:  (planned) Blueberry Muffin Larabar
D: (planned) bacon wrapped filet and mediterranean veggies


  1. We are so much alike! I have been waiting waaaaay too long between my meals too! In fact I need to go eat dinner right now. Its just anything that takes work I think "I'll do it later" and then hours pass. AND I'm the same with movies. I prefer to always see something new. That's great that you're all planned and prepared again. I need to do that. I remember when Brady was gone for a month it was definitely hard. I know you have your own schedule, but I always tried to get out of the house at least once a day (park, mall, walk, even just a drive) and it would make the day go by faster. The hardest part is when you're lonely, but it sounds like you have lots of friends and kids coming and going so hopefully you're not too lonely. Hang in there!

  2. we ARE so much alike!

    yeah, it's been fine so far. i love that the boys are home. i was telling my friend today, that it's so much easier than when brad took the boys to buck's lake. that's SO. LONELY. and penelope gets so needy. it is not fun at all. but now i have three little ones to talk to, friends coming and going, and the boys can occupy penelope while i clean/workout/shower/cook....i just have to make sure i get myself out the door, like you said, or i have a hard time being happy and/or accomplishing much. and i'm loving that they're not in school. at first i thought i'd hate that, but it's been nice to have them home all day long.