Monday, October 14, 2013


So, I'm in agreement with everything I've read on here the last couple of days. I am burnt out. I'm so sick of this same old food. Friday was Addie's B-day. It was similar to Kj's family movie night. We ordered pizza and had birthday cake. I ate, hmmm, I can't even remember what I ate, but I know it wasn't delicious like pizza. I made the birthday cake and then had a square of dark chocolate instead. I AM proud of myself for being able to make decisions like that and resist temptations, but I too have learned...this is not long term for me. I like treats and I like being able to enjoy them with my babies.

Here are some personal opinions I have about this 'challenge' specifically.
1. I don't think it is meant to be real life. I think it is meant only for the 30 days
2. I think its 30 days in order to make these things habit.
3. I think you are supposed to lose weight on this challenge because it seems like a cleanse. That's why we keep eating the same boring meals.

If everyone would like to continue this challenge then I will to (I actually already bought all my food for this week) but if people are open to another idea, I have a proposal.

We all did super awesome for 2 whole weeks, and proved some things to ourselves. We learned that we CAN say no to things that aren't good for us, but that we love. We learned how to make good food choices. We learned how to eat on a schedule so that we don't get starving and then overload on junk.

I propose we take these last 2 weeks of the challenge and search for paleo meals that our whole families will enjoy and try to experiment with how this could play a role in real life. That way, we're still eating paleo for the entire challenge (I don't want to quit completely), but we may end this with happier thoughts in our heads. There are paleo recipe blogs, ideas on pinterest, and books you can get at the library that could help us find better ideas than chicken, spinach, and onions...over and over. Eric found a Paleo crock pot recipes book the other day, that is so me.

I agree, I need to be allowed to eat sweets if I want, or go out to eat and enjoy myself instead of feeling guilty, or having to say just bring me a plain piece of chicken.

I have lost about 5 pounds on this diet, which is good, I'll take it. However, I also feel like if I see one more zucchini, I'm going to throw up. Right now I feel like I really could incorporate some of these things in to real life and find a good balance. Like eat a paleo breakfast and lunch, and then allow myself a roll at dinner. Not 7 rolls, but one. I'm afraid if we continue this for too much longer I'll begin to hate it all and never eat a veggie again.

Any thoughts?

PS Carrie: Good decision! I'd do the same thing if I were you. You don't want to look back on your disneyland trip and just remember, "oh yeah, that's the time I couldn't eat anything, I was super hungry, cranky, and jealous all the time." Taryn: Heck yes, eat that plate! Who wouldn't want to taste a $500 dinner, for free...even yummier! Kj, that is some serious will power!


  1. I already messed up today which has taught me that I do want to continue eating Robin's breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas and maybe something different for dinner. Basically I liked your idea about finding something like crock pot paleo meals or anything different to spice it up. Like I said, I've learned that I actually need the scheduled eating and drinking so I hope to continue that basically forever, and the fruit and nut snacks are still tasty to me. Just the dinner needs to change (because leftover dinner usually ends up being my lunch) since I hate leftover chicken- I have already planned to have tuna patties and turkey burgers again this week because my family and I liked them. And maybe one day I'll eat chicken and like it again :) We all don't have to do the same thing either. If everyone else wants to continue with Robin's 30 day detox I think thats awesome and I admire your willpower!

  2. i don't know what i'm going to do but i'll still check in here and do updates. don't know if it will necessarily be paleo? i think i'm just going to try to be healthier and maybe use this as kind of a journal, so i can keep track of what i'm eating and when i crave junk.

  3. just to let you all know, i made the chicken pot pie tonight for dinner and it was another hit. i love that she uses parsnips instead of potatoes. i don't know if you guys have had this experience but her recipes always make WAY more for me than she says. She shows a pic of a 9x9in dish but mine filled a 9x13. and i only used one parsnip. bought two, cut them up, and realized it would have been a LOT of parsnips so i left one out.

  4. thanks for the tip! all of the recipes ive made have made way more too.

  5. I'm totally down with that, Sarie!!! Yes, on the trying to continue to make healthy choices for the majority of the time, and continuing to drink more water, etc. But I SO agree . . . I'm getting sick of the same 'ol things. And I can feel a HUGE binge coming on . . . If I don 't let myself have a little something yummy soon. So, yes on the finding good paleo type meals, and yes on the introducing some fun stuff back into my diet. :)