Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 6~ Carrie  Just found this instagram, where she posts clean food.  Might be worth looking into after we finish the challenge, to keep us thinking healthy.  Everything looks absolutely delicious!

Cornbelly's went well yesterday. We went for awhile, came home to eat and warm up (freezing day) and then went back again with our boysies because they were still in school the first time we went.  When we came home in between, I made eggplant bruschetta and I thought it was very tasty, if you haven't already made it.  We were at Cornbelly's until at least 9 (?) and I was tempted to get a hot chocolate, but Sare talked me out of it.  (Thanks, Sare) That night, I did have a 3rd snack (a Larabar) because I was really tired and just felt like I needed one more thing to finish off my night.

TODAY-    This morning, I ate a banana pancake (perfect because the rest of the fam was having buttermilk pancakes, so I didn't feel like I was missing out too much) with a little raw honey on top.  We turned the morning session of conference on the radio and I did the mini workout.

  Brad is being paid by his friend, to clean a condo that he owns, so that a new tenant can move in.  I packed up some carrots to snack on, some workout clothes to change into, and a 15lb weight to use, and we all went over to that condo to listen to the rest, while Brad cleaned.  I ended up helping wash the walls instead of working out, and worked up a sweat doing it.  After the session ended, me and the kids left Brad to his work and we went to Sprouts to get groceries for the next few days.

 We came home, grilled some chicken and made the chicken salad wraps while listening to the afternoon session.  Then, before it ended, we got back in the car and went back to that condo, to see Brad.  We listened to the rest of conference in the car and then went in to see how the cleaning was coming along.  It's taking FOREVER to clean that place!!

 I brought B some chicken to eat, the boys played with P, and I did a leg workout.  I felt completely spent after that one, but I have good intentions to do the workout on the challenge, after dinner.  After that, it was pretty much time to go home and make dinner, so that's what we did.  I've got the Greek Chicken in the oven and it smells SO good.  And I'll make the sweet potato hash to go with it.
 B's at priesthood session and he should get home right when the chicken is ready!  Hoping to also get the house clean at some point (maybe after the kids go down) because we want to just enjoy conference tomorrow, and then Mon-Mon, me and the kidlets are on our own, while B goes to work for 2 days and straight to his hunting trip for the next 6.  But then on Tues, we go to Disneyland with mom and dad!!!  SOOOOO excited!


  1. Disneyland?! Jealous! So the Greek chicken, bruschetta, and sweet potato hash are all on robins blog? Or other places? Because I have such a small family that barely eats anything (and brady has been eating leftovers from before I started this challenge) the simple meals I've made have lasted me 2-3 days, but I will need to do some new things soon so I appreciate your recommendations!

    You worked out a lot today! Good job! And in ref to when you said you ate the larabar, I have added an extra snack yesterday and today because I felt the same. I feel okay because my workouts are pretty intense (for me), and it's not like adding a cheeseburger or candy bar.

  2. yeah i agree about the snacks. as long as it's 'on the diet' i don't feel bad at all because it's healthy and i'm just taking care of my body. the more energy i expend, the more fuel i need.

    yes, we're going back to stay at newport again. mom and dad were going to be there, so we're just going to barge in and stay with them. : ) i cannot wait!! we NEED a vacation.

    yes, the greek chicken is on day 7. i just bought the chicken a few days ago so we thought we should use it before it goes bad, so I switched the dinners from today and tomorrow. she says it's okay to use one of the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store but we were very pleasantly surprised by how this turned out. my fam LOVED it. i feel like the amount of meat on it isn't crazy. we ate the entire thing and i was wishing there was more. and an added bonus, i felt really good that i made a whole chicken! dinner is not a skill of mine and i've never cooked a whole chicken before. it was really easy and it made the house smell so good.

    and the bruschetta was on day 5. i've mostly been eating what she says to eat on any given day, without venturing out too much, unless i don't have leftovers or something. so, yes, i recommend both of those meals. very tasty! and the fruit salad on day 3 was so good too. you may have tried that one but that was one of my favorites.