Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 8~ Carrie

It feels like a huge accomplishment to have reached Week 2!!

Today was good.  It has absolutely flown by though.  Got the kids off to school, then it was time to make breakfast for me and P.  I knew I wanted to make the blueberry muffins, but last time I went to Sprouts they didn't have any blueberries, so we went to Macey's to buy some.  Macey's didn't have any either, SO we settled on strawberries.  Came home, got our ingredients out, and I realized we were all out of eggs!!   Hadn't even thought to look for eggs because we're always stocked with those.  SO, back to the store for eggs.  Then we came home and made our muffins.  We FINALLY ate breakfast at 10:00!  That's so late.  Dance class is at 11, so we pretty much just got ready to go after breakfast.

Dance class ended at noon.  I was absolutely starving for lunch (I was in too big of a rush to think to bring a snack with me to Dance class).  We ran home, grilled some turkey burgers and chicken, to stock the fridge, and ate around 1:30.  Penelope LOVED the turkey burger with apple and goat cheese!  It really is so nice to see our kids eating a little more healthy. . . .and enjoying it.  I let that digest and finally started my workout at 2:30!  RIGHT when I finished, the boys walked in from school.

I haven't showered or changed yet. I did some dishes and laundry and have helped them with homework.  We just finished eating the spaghetti squash/broccoli/tomato/chicken dinner and I thought everything was good except the chicken!  Just couldn't choke it down.   That makes me nervous.  This happened to me with another challenge I tried (6 pack in 6 weeks).  I'm not a huge meat lover, so a week of eating meat in 3 meals a day is really hard for me.  Eventually my body refuses.  I may have to figure out how to switch things up a bit in the future.  I haven't eaten any snacks today, although I probably should have.  I think I'll have some celery and sunflower butter soon.  I WOULD have some chocolate, if I hadn't eaten it all yesterday.  ha ha!

I haven't had a chance to check weight and take pics and all that, but I can't wait!  I'll post about that later.


  1. That's funny. When I made those muffins for breakfast I didn't get them done until 11. Also, I don't know if you're against this, but I just used frozen blueberries. I always have those in my freezer. Was it good with strawberries? That stinks about the chicken. I wish I had some suggestion for you, but I don't. Sorry. Good luck with it! If I read anything, I'll let you know.

  2. duh! i didn't even think about frozen blueberries. i'm not against it, i just prefer the fresh because a lot of time when i get frozen they just TASTE like freezer to me, but i totally should have done that. i liked it with strawberries but think i would have like them more with blueberries. because who eats strawberry muffins? i was really looking forward to BLUEBERRY muffins.