Thursday, October 3, 2013


Kjirst, it sounds like you're doing really good with the challenge!  I can't believe all that is on your plate and you're sticking with it!  That's awesome.

If you didn't go to bed until 1am, I say hallelujah that Liam didn't have to be to school early and you were able to sleep a little longer.  You NEED that sleep.  So, if you can just get a small workout in, later in the day, that would be great.  Even just some stretches!   I think it would be more important for you to go to bed early tonight and get a good night's rest, than to workout hard.

So, this morning, Brad got home from work and, although I held it together really well (in my humble opinion), these last two days, I broke down.  Sometimes I think there are things in the back of my mind, that I don't even know are bothering me, that come flooding out when I have someone to talk to.  Apparently I'm having feelings of inadequacy lately.  Teeny little things will make me feel like a bad mom and I don't even realize I'm letting those thoughts come into my mind until I burst out crying and it all comes to the surface.  A comment from a friend and the conversation in Colson's parent/teacher conference somehow have just really stuck in my head and I'm feeling horrible about myself.  My head is now pounding, but I'm going to try to do the yoga workouts for today.

I ate my breakfast and drank lots of water.  That's all I've done so far because Brad came home and I unloaded all of my troubles on him.  : )

Hopefully that's all I needed- a little venting session- and I can get right back into my day.  Kj, I haven't really had cravings either, which is awesome!  I do want chocolate and would have probably eaten some too, if I had bought it yet.  I'll get some today.

Love you all!  I'm so happy we have this blog so that I can talk to my sisters!  It makes the whole day brighter.


  1. Aww, I'm sad that someone hurt your feeling and made you feel inadequate. You are a great Mom and such a huge inspiration to me with all your health tips and tricks. I'm always so thankful for you because I know if I have a question you will probably know the answer! I think your kids are getting great lessons of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle from you and they know you love them. You and Brad always do so many fun things with them to make them feel special. I'm glad Brady is home so you can have some help, if even just someone to vent to!

  2. And by Brady I meant Brad :)

  3. Ditto what Taryn said . . . Sorry you're having feelings of inadequacy. :(. Sure wish you didn't. But I know we all do that from time to time. I'm glad you got to vent to Brad. But if he's ever not there . . . You've got sisters just a phone call away. You can vent to me ANYTIME!!!!! And I also wonder if some of that is because you are a little more tired and stretched than usual. I know you have handled things really well, but sometimes we don 't how hard things actually are until we break down a little bit. But I think you should even take THAT as a compliment!!! You are so amazing, that you didn't even realize how hard things were, or how worn out you were! When Kelly (my sis-in-law) was in grad-school . . . Her motto was, "I can do hard things". And it looks like YOU can too! ;). Love you!!!

  4. By the way . . . I'm curious about your parent-teacher conference. We had a rough one yesterday too. :(

    (And I meant to also tell you "thank you" for your sweet encouragement, and kind words.). :)

  5. thanks sisters! it's kind of too long of a story to tell. it really boils down to my own deep insecurities, which cause me to internalize things that weren't meant to hurt me but they do. a lot.

    after a day of thinking about it all, i've come to the conclusion that sometimes these things are good, because they give me a chance to reflect and try to improve in areas i'm lacking. i'll tell you about it sometime, it's just too much to explain here because it probably wouldn't even make sense.