Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 and 12- Taryn

Day 11

I am definitely loosing a little steam as far as this challenge goes. I told Olivia she could pick one halloween treat from the bakery at walmart because I feel a little bad that my family doesn't get any fun halloween treat-y stuff since this is the season everyone is making and posting delicious things. Anyway, of all the stuff she could have chosen she chose the mini vanilla cupcakes. They are a weakness of mine. They smell SOOoooooo good. When we got home I gave on to her and Scarlett and I just stood and smelled them for awhile, thinking this would satisfy my need, but I gave in and ate one. I am disappointed in myself, and now I have been giving them to Brady and the girls way too much so that they'll be gone and they won't taunt me anymore!

I loved the Med. chicken and sweet potato hash! That will make it in our regular dinner rotation even after the challenge.

Here's some fun stories- Brady told me on Wed. that we have to go to a very formal, black tie, tuxedo type Gala for his school (fundraising). I guess there are doctors from the community who are "hosting" the medical students, so everyone had to be invited by someone, and that person pays for your seat/dinner. Anyway, he tells me its next Friday! My excitement went to frustration that he didn't tell me sooner because how can I find a formal dress?! I usually order things online so I immediately started looking. When I showed him some stuff I found he said none of it was formal enough, plus the dress would get here on the very day of the Gala. And I have never taken both girls to the mall to shop and try stuff on by myself, and Brady has NO free time to watch them for me because he has another big test coming up (two days after the Gala). 

I decided to face my anxiety and go to the mall. I went straight to Nordstrom because I knew they have great customer service. I found a girl and told her what I was looking for and she went around and grabbed dresses for me and got me a huge dressing room so I could have the stroller in there and plenty of room for the kids to run around. I brought snacks for them and a book for scarlett and they were having fun and being quiet. I was having fun trying on fancy dresses (some way out of my price range) until I started to smell something stinky. Of course Scarlett had a poopy diaper. No big deal, I have plenty of room to change it. I grab the diaper and then realize I don't have any wipes because I took them out to use them at home because we were out of the home ones. I used another diaper to wipe her as best I could and got her changed. Poor thing. And now I have the stinkiest smell coming from my diaper bag. I zipped it up and put in the corner so I could get back to the dresses!

Anyway, they were very well behaved and I'm glad to know that I can go to the mall on my own!

B: muffins
S: larabar
L: Tuna patties!
S: apple w/ sun butter
S: mini cupcake
D: Mediterranean chicken w/ sweet potatos

Day 12

The day has gotten away from me. I ate my muffins, then we went back to the mall because I bought 2 dresses so I could show them to Brady and he could choose, so I had to go back to return one and get some shoes. That took the whole morning and I forgot to take a larabar with me to the mall. When I got home I had quick snack and it was satisfying. I put the girls down for naps and did my workout. Today was the first day I was actually excited to work out! I didn't work out yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it. Olivia ended up not taking a nap and coming out in the middle of my workout, but she is very good and I've told her that I can't help her with anything while I'm exercising, so she just played by herself. For some reason afterwards I didn't eat lunch, I just made lunch for olivia and then came up and tried on my new dress with the shoes, then did my make up and tried some hairstyles....... for an hour. Totally forgot about lunch. Then Scarlett was awake and I had to make her something to eat and thats when I realized I needed lunch too! It was just after 4pm. Anyway, I need to stick to my eating schedule! I'm afraid my body will go into starvation mode and hang on to all the fat (is that a real thing?).

B: muffins
S: pear w/ sun butter
L: med chicken w/ sweet potato hash (leftovers)
S: larabar
D: Chicken salad wrap w/ broccoli


  1. see, that's what i do! i forget to eat all the time. i think it is a real thing that your body will then store fat because it's always guessing when it's going to get a little nourishment. that's one of the things i've loved about this challenge- it forces me to EAT. and i've been more productive because of it!

    good job taking the girls to the mall! not always fun. or easy. this gala sounds like fun! what does your dress look like?

  2. Well, there were some really pretty ones I wished I could get, but the one that was in my price range, modest, and that I liked is a quarter length sleeve dress with a black lace overlay on the top. There is a thick black band around the waist and the skirt part is solid black and a little poofy. Hard to explain, but only the top part has a lace overlay with a nude color underneath. It is knee length.

    I worry about the knee length, I feel like everyone will be wearing floor length gowns so I am considering wearing tights with it. The one I wanted was a mauve/nude color with a short sleeve lace top, a ribbon band around the waist, and then a gorgeous floor length skirt that I can't explain. It was $258 :(