Monday, October 7, 2013

Changes- Taryn

Well, unfortunately our scale was out of batteries when we started the challenge so I never weighed myself before, but I did take pics. The fact that I didn't know our scale was out of batteries tells you that I was too scared to even look since we've moved! I was eating so much junk!

I am kind of VERY embarrassed to write this down for all to see, especially since I'm the shortest and youngest and should weigh the least of all of us for my frame, but....... I have not been under 130 lbs since having Olivia. That's 4 yrs, ughhh! That makes me so sick to write. Being in school, coping with being a new mom, moving, not knowing where our life was going, working, and then having Scarlett... I just never found anything sustainable and not enough to combat weight gain, I fluctuated between 136 to 138 after Scarlett. Thats when I started freaking out and realized that I really needed to do something. I did insanity one time through this summer and lost 5 lbs! Meaning I was about 132-133. But then we had vacations, packing, and moving and I did nothing and ate everything. I never weighed myself, but I would have had to be somewhere around 135 lbs. Anyway, I am SO happy and excited to say that after one week of eating clean(er) and exercising I have broken back into the 120's for the first time in 4 years!!! Writing that brings tears to my eyes! I sure hope I can keep this up and keep losing. I don't have a real goal but I just want to be healthier and I have always felt that for my height I need to be in the 115 (that would be nice but not likely!) to 125 range. I don't see a big difference in the way I look so that worries me slightly that I might be loosing muscle mass like carrie talked about earlier. I'll have to get a caliper :) But I am just happy to be loosing at all! I would have given up by now if it wasn't for having you guys to "talk" to so I am so happy and grateful that we are all doing this together! And especially thankful to Sarah who started us all on it!

Keep going strong! One more week and we're halfway!


  1. Yea!!! That's awesome! I got tears in my eyes too. It just makes me so happy to see you accomplishing big things and making big changes. We're so lucky to have each other, to push and motivate and cheer on. Sisters are the best and nothing makes me happier than seeing my sisters happy. Don't give up on 115! You can totally achieve that! Maybe not in this 30 days, but once this challenge is over, you'll have the tools to think about food in a healthy way and make good decisions. It's not out of your grasp if you believe you can achieve and make it a daily priority. I'm SO happy for you! Good job!!

  2. Congratulations!! You just did the exact same post that I've been trying to psych myself up for. Maybe I'll wait a little bit, like til I too have something cool to say. You must have been thrilled to see that 2 on there!! Woohoo!!!!