Monday, October 21, 2013

Update - Kjirsten

So, I kind of hit a wall with the diet.

I did well through Thursday, but I took a break this weekend.  I still tried to eat relatively healthy for the most part, but we ate out a few times, and I made cookies, etc.

My mindset was such, that I was starting to feel kind of down, I even cried on Thursday.  I just felt like the diet was changing my life in ways that weren't intended.  I was feeling on the outside of things that were happening.  I was feeling deprived I guess.  I don't think that's really the way we're supposed to feel.

Anyway, I decided to take a break for the ENTIRE weekend.  And it was SOOOOOO nice.  I still tried to make lots of healthy choices, but I didn't really restrict myself.  And I think this mindset made all the difference.  I really don't even feel bad that I took a hiatus.  I think I knew I really needed it for my psyche, or morale, so in effect . . . it was just the therapy I needed.

I got my fill however, and decided that when Monday came around (today), that I would just go back to the diet for the week, and then allow myself a day of freedom from it on the weekend.  I don't feel nearly as restricted now.  And I feel so much happier.

I agree with Taryn's last post -- totally.

The things I observed during this hiatus, made me excited to start the diet again, feeling like maybe I could embrace it a little better.  I became more conscious of the fact that my body feels better eating healthy things, rather than "fun" things.  I needed to be totally CONSCIOUS of that fact.  I am looking forward to feeling better again.  I'm kind of having a "sugar hangover" today, I think.  Not feeling my best.

So, I guess you could say, I'm tweaking things . . . trying to find a happy medium.  Gotta have a healthy mindset behind this, or it won't work for me.  I think my splurging helped me get to that point, in a weird way.  The pendulum was swinging so far to one side with the diet, that I just had to swing it just as hard in the other direction . . . and hopefully I will find that pendulum resting somewhere in the middle.  I'm sure it will take time to work out the kinks, but I definitely feel more in tune with my body, and that is a wonderful feeling.  It's helping me feel like I will finally be able to find something sustainable for me, in the arena of diet and nutrition.

So, I don't know if I can really consider myself still taking the 30 day challenge at this point.  But I feel like the challenge has taught me to eat better, and be more conscious of how eating better, makes me feel.  I will still use her plan for the most part . . . her meals, the water consumption, exercise . . . but I don't know that I will be so rigid on the carbs, etc.  We'll see.  I will try, but if I start to feel depressed again . . . I'm grabbing a roll.  ;)

Maybe over time, I will just find it easier and easier to eat as close to paleo as possible.  So the 30 days is a teaching period, I think . . . but for me, it will probably take a year of eating this way to really change my body.  And that's ok.  I'm totally fine with that.  And that is the very reason why I feel like I need to figure out how to tweak things to make it sustainable longterm.

I really like Sarie's proposal, and look forward to continuing forward in this endeavor with all my amazing sisters.  Love having you to vent to, and get ideas from, and I love seeing how alike we all are.  I'm glad we've all come to similar conclusions . . . it helps me feel more validated in my feelings and choices.  Love you all!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update- Taryn

I'm not keeping up with days anymore, but wanted to just check in.

I "binged" one night and had 4 chocolate chip cookies. Since then I've been keeping pretty strictly with the diet and I've been exercising almost every day. I'm a little sick- not sure what it is maybe strep, but its really weird because I don't feel anything during the day except a little weak. The first day I was feeling sick I stuck to the diet and napped instead of exercising when my girls were asleep. Brady let me sleep in and that seemed to help a lot, because I didn't feel much during the day and decided to go ahead and work out because I didn't want it to throw me too far off- just did it knowing I was sick and didn't push extremely hard or anything. Same today- I just have a bad sore throat and a little congested, but really only bad at night.

Anyway, in the past I would have eaten those cookies and thought that they tasted so good and that dieting was just too hard and I would have reverted back to eating junk all day everyday, but not this time! My personal mantra is "don't give up" so I'm not. I made a mistake but I'm pushing forward. One thing that has helped my mindset too was that I knew I was going to have a night where I would be allowing myself to eat special stuff (the gala). Knowing that made HUGE difference. I was totally able keep strictly to her diet knowing I would get a reward.

With all that said, I am really liking the idea of having one day a week (maybe not even every week) where you can allow yourself some treats. I kept with the diet all day and then just splurged at dinner. I have another special occasion this weekend- Brady's bday, so that is a nice thing in the back of my head that is helping me be totally fine on the diet. It is soon, and it is happening. I resisted the chocolate chip cookies today when my family was eating them without a problem :) 

I keep remembering things- but I didn't even feel guilty at all at the gala because I knew I would be going back to eating healthy. AND that didn't depress me like it used to :) because I know that I will get to have special stuff again. It is all truly a mindset thing for me. I may not loose weight quickly doing it this way, but I think in the long run I will be so much healthier and I truly feel like I have made a lifestyle change.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Days 15 &16 ~ Sarah

So, I've still kind of been following her plan because I already went grocery shopping and bought all the stuff for the week. I really wanted a cookie on monday but I didn't do it. I'm a few pounds shy of my pre pregnancy weight. I'd really like to get there. Its higher than what I like to be at in real life, but at the current moment, I'd love to be there!

Day 15
B- blueberry mufflins
L- tuna with avocado and peppers
D- spinach blueberry and strawberry salad (w/ paleo salad dressing)
sn- blueberry muffins
sn- larabar

Day 16
B- Blueberry Avocado smoothie
L- Chicken salad wrap
D-Chicken and asparagus
sn- Chocolate
sn- probably a smoothie

So, here is a breakfast that I tried last week and I really liked it. So did Ellie.

Almost Oatmeal

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready: 15 min
Yields: 2 bowls


1/2 cup sugar free applesauce
4 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg


In a small pan combine all ingredients.
Heat the mixture, stirring it continuously.
For flavor add nutmeg.
Serve hot.

Since it makes 2 servings and I didn't want to reheat one the next day (mostly because I know I would have eaten it all), I only made a single serving but, I used the whole 1/2 cup of applesauce. Also, I didn't time anything, but I know I didn't cook it for 10 minutes. I bet you could make it in the micro too if you're in a hurry.

Here is the dressing I used:
Agave Balsamic Dressing
-          2 tablespoons olive oil
-          3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
-          2 tablespoons agave
-          Salt and pepper to taste.
In small bowl combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave and seasoning.
-          Place in refrigerator and chill dressing.
-          Serve

Monday, October 14, 2013


So, I'm in agreement with everything I've read on here the last couple of days. I am burnt out. I'm so sick of this same old food. Friday was Addie's B-day. It was similar to Kj's family movie night. We ordered pizza and had birthday cake. I ate, hmmm, I can't even remember what I ate, but I know it wasn't delicious like pizza. I made the birthday cake and then had a square of dark chocolate instead. I AM proud of myself for being able to make decisions like that and resist temptations, but I too have learned...this is not long term for me. I like treats and I like being able to enjoy them with my babies.

Here are some personal opinions I have about this 'challenge' specifically.
1. I don't think it is meant to be real life. I think it is meant only for the 30 days
2. I think its 30 days in order to make these things habit.
3. I think you are supposed to lose weight on this challenge because it seems like a cleanse. That's why we keep eating the same boring meals.

If everyone would like to continue this challenge then I will to (I actually already bought all my food for this week) but if people are open to another idea, I have a proposal.

We all did super awesome for 2 whole weeks, and proved some things to ourselves. We learned that we CAN say no to things that aren't good for us, but that we love. We learned how to make good food choices. We learned how to eat on a schedule so that we don't get starving and then overload on junk.

I propose we take these last 2 weeks of the challenge and search for paleo meals that our whole families will enjoy and try to experiment with how this could play a role in real life. That way, we're still eating paleo for the entire challenge (I don't want to quit completely), but we may end this with happier thoughts in our heads. There are paleo recipe blogs, ideas on pinterest, and books you can get at the library that could help us find better ideas than chicken, spinach, and onions...over and over. Eric found a Paleo crock pot recipes book the other day, that is so me.

I agree, I need to be allowed to eat sweets if I want, or go out to eat and enjoy myself instead of feeling guilty, or having to say just bring me a plain piece of chicken.

I have lost about 5 pounds on this diet, which is good, I'll take it. However, I also feel like if I see one more zucchini, I'm going to throw up. Right now I feel like I really could incorporate some of these things in to real life and find a good balance. Like eat a paleo breakfast and lunch, and then allow myself a roll at dinner. Not 7 rolls, but one. I'm afraid if we continue this for too much longer I'll begin to hate it all and never eat a veggie again.

Any thoughts?

PS Carrie: Good decision! I'd do the same thing if I were you. You don't want to look back on your disneyland trip and just remember, "oh yeah, that's the time I couldn't eat anything, I was super hungry, cranky, and jealous all the time." Taryn: Heck yes, eat that plate! Who wouldn't want to taste a $500 dinner, for free...even yummier! Kj, that is some serious will power!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 14 - Kjirsten

I'm kinda like Carrie . . . I can't even remember what day we are on . . . 14, I think.

I must echo what you girls have already said . . . this is getting really tough.  And I think I've already told myself that I will NOT be eating this way every day, for the rest of my life.

So, I actually still haven't cheated, not even once.  Which is a big deal for me.  But I know my personality, and if I do, I will think, "oh, all is lost, I should just quit the whole thing."  I really want to finish this 30 days, but when it is done . . . I think I will be too.  ;)

I feel like I have learned to make healthier choices, through this challenge.  And that I can be really satisfied with those healthier foods.  But what I don't like, is feeling like I'm missing out on too much with my family.  We had a movie night last night.  Quinn ordered pizza, and we popped popcorn and had candy.  I ate my turkey burger with apples and goat cheese, which was yummy, but the smell of the pizza was making me crazy!!!  So when it came to the popcorn and candy . . . I had to leave the room.  That stinks.  I haven't wanted to go on a date . . . cause I just feel like everything is off limits, and I don't want to tempt myself.  We went to lunch at Peiwei with mom and dad yesterday, in between games, and while everyone got yummy chinese food (which I LOVE), I had a bowl of plain chicken and veggies - no sauce, no rice, no nothin.  It was fine, but not my first choice.

Anyway, I decided that I will need to tweak this thing after the 30 days in one of two ways . . . either 1) Continue to try to eat this way, but give myself one day a week where I can eat ANYTHING I want.  And just give in to all that is tempting, and satisfy my cravings. Or 2) Continue to try to eat this way most all the time, but when I go out to eat, eat what I want; and when there is a special event or holiday, eat what I want; or a special outing or date (like the pumpkin patch, Taryn), eat what I want.  I just don't like feeling SO restricted.  I think this way of eating is awesome for most every day . . . like you guys have said, the schedule is nice -- makes us eat frequently (no missed meals), makes us eat healthy which feels good, and is quite satisfying.  I just don't like feeling like I'm sitting on the sidelines for certain things involving food.  And I think I feel that way, because I love food SO much!  I feel like I'm starting to focus more on the restrictions than on the fact that it's yummy, healthy, real, satisfying food.  I'm hoping that if I can take that "restrictive" part out of it, that I will feel even more happy and satisfied with the good healthy choices that I'm making.

In other news . . . I only exercised once this week, and pulled my back muscles pretty bad.  So that was it on the exercise for the rest of the week.  I also gained 3 pounds back this week . . . and I didn't cheat even once.  That was a real bummer, and also probably a big reason why I'm starting to feel so DONE.  All this effort, and I feel like I've started going backwards.  I don't quite understand why that happened.  Maybe I waited too long between meals and so my body started to hold on to my fat (like Taryn mentioned).  Quinn suggested that maybe my body just got used to this new way of eating, and is adapting . . . again holding onto my fat.  Anyway, it was a pretty disappointing week.  No exercise, no cheating on the diet, and weight gain.

My plan for the next two weeks is to exercise as much as I can, and to try to be more precise in the timing of my meals and water drinking.  And more in line with her meals.  I went almost to the letter that first week, and this last week I didn't really follow her exact meals.  They were still all of her suggested meals, just not on the same days/times.  I don't know if there was something to that, the first week.  Also I ate the paleo blueberry muffins for breakfast every day this week.  (I hate eating breakfast, and this just made it SO easy to get that meal out of the way), but I worry that I missed out on too much good fat and protein, by totally omitting the eggs and avocado.  Anyway, if any of you have any suggestions for my week, or theories behind my weight gain, I'd love to hear them!!

Also, I want to see a picture of your dress, Taryn!!!  How fun . . . and what an exciting thing to look forward to!  (And, way to improvise with using an extra diaper as a wipe! haha!)  And Carrie, what a crazy week . . . no Brad, fall break!!  Soooo hard.  But it sounds like you handled everything well.  (Other than remembering to feed yourself. ;)  Sarie, hope you're still doing well.  Curious to see how things are going.  Love you all.  And I love being able to vent to each other, and encourage each other.  I don't think I would have held on this long, if we weren't all in this together!  :)

Day 13 and 14- Taryn

Yesterday was a rough one for me. I have previously been exercising everyday and eating fine, but my house was a huge mess. I also have been needing to color my hair for months and keep putting it off, but with the gala coming up I needed it to for sure be done! You have to have dirty hair too when you color it, so that has been an issue because I want to do it, then I miss doing it and I have to wash my hair and then I have to wait a day or two again. Anyway, during nap time I colored my hair, showered, and cleaned the house instead of exercising. We hadn't made definitive plans to go out that night, but I was hoping that Brady would take a break so we could all go to the pumpkin farm. After the girls woke up I texted him and he said no, so I started making dinner and then all the sudden he changed his mind and said he did want to go! I had just started dinner so it wasn't done- meaning I had nothing to bring with me, but I hurried and got the girls dressed and we rushed off to get him and go.

Bad idea going to somewhere like this without having eaten. I ended up eating a apple cider donut and a few sips of root beer because I was just starving. It was a double bad feeling knowing I also didn't exercise. Also, I'm getting sick :( My throat has been hurting for a few days now. Hoping it just goes away, but it seems to be sticking around which worries me.

I am having some meat issue too. I HATE the taste of leftover chicken so the chicken wraps aren't delicious to me anymore, today I had salad and couldn't even bring myself to put chicken on there so I didn't. I just ate a few extra almonds. As time continues this is definitely getting harder. I wish we had a little more leeway for paleo treats etc.

B: banana pancakes
S: larabar
L: chicken wraps
S: apple w/ sun butter
D: Apple cider donut and root beer

Day 14

LOVED the turkey burgers! Liv was so excited we were having "hamburgers" for dinner :) Scarlett is our little carnivore and gobbled 2 patties down, but she has loved everything that I've made as far as meat, even the salmon and tuna patties :) She is lucky, she'll have no problems getting lots of protein in her diet when she's older unlike me ;)

B & S: fasting
L: Strawberry/Blueberry salad
S: Larabar
D: turkey burgers w/ sautéed zucc, squash, and onion

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 and 12- Taryn

Day 11

I am definitely loosing a little steam as far as this challenge goes. I told Olivia she could pick one halloween treat from the bakery at walmart because I feel a little bad that my family doesn't get any fun halloween treat-y stuff since this is the season everyone is making and posting delicious things. Anyway, of all the stuff she could have chosen she chose the mini vanilla cupcakes. They are a weakness of mine. They smell SOOoooooo good. When we got home I gave on to her and Scarlett and I just stood and smelled them for awhile, thinking this would satisfy my need, but I gave in and ate one. I am disappointed in myself, and now I have been giving them to Brady and the girls way too much so that they'll be gone and they won't taunt me anymore!

I loved the Med. chicken and sweet potato hash! That will make it in our regular dinner rotation even after the challenge.

Here's some fun stories- Brady told me on Wed. that we have to go to a very formal, black tie, tuxedo type Gala for his school (fundraising). I guess there are doctors from the community who are "hosting" the medical students, so everyone had to be invited by someone, and that person pays for your seat/dinner. Anyway, he tells me its next Friday! My excitement went to frustration that he didn't tell me sooner because how can I find a formal dress?! I usually order things online so I immediately started looking. When I showed him some stuff I found he said none of it was formal enough, plus the dress would get here on the very day of the Gala. And I have never taken both girls to the mall to shop and try stuff on by myself, and Brady has NO free time to watch them for me because he has another big test coming up (two days after the Gala). 

I decided to face my anxiety and go to the mall. I went straight to Nordstrom because I knew they have great customer service. I found a girl and told her what I was looking for and she went around and grabbed dresses for me and got me a huge dressing room so I could have the stroller in there and plenty of room for the kids to run around. I brought snacks for them and a book for scarlett and they were having fun and being quiet. I was having fun trying on fancy dresses (some way out of my price range) until I started to smell something stinky. Of course Scarlett had a poopy diaper. No big deal, I have plenty of room to change it. I grab the diaper and then realize I don't have any wipes because I took them out to use them at home because we were out of the home ones. I used another diaper to wipe her as best I could and got her changed. Poor thing. And now I have the stinkiest smell coming from my diaper bag. I zipped it up and put in the corner so I could get back to the dresses!

Anyway, they were very well behaved and I'm glad to know that I can go to the mall on my own!

B: muffins
S: larabar
L: Tuna patties!
S: apple w/ sun butter
S: mini cupcake
D: Mediterranean chicken w/ sweet potatos

Day 12

The day has gotten away from me. I ate my muffins, then we went back to the mall because I bought 2 dresses so I could show them to Brady and he could choose, so I had to go back to return one and get some shoes. That took the whole morning and I forgot to take a larabar with me to the mall. When I got home I had quick snack and it was satisfying. I put the girls down for naps and did my workout. Today was the first day I was actually excited to work out! I didn't work out yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it. Olivia ended up not taking a nap and coming out in the middle of my workout, but she is very good and I've told her that I can't help her with anything while I'm exercising, so she just played by herself. For some reason afterwards I didn't eat lunch, I just made lunch for olivia and then came up and tried on my new dress with the shoes, then did my make up and tried some hairstyles....... for an hour. Totally forgot about lunch. Then Scarlett was awake and I had to make her something to eat and thats when I realized I needed lunch too! It was just after 4pm. Anyway, I need to stick to my eating schedule! I'm afraid my body will go into starvation mode and hang on to all the fat (is that a real thing?).

B: muffins
S: pear w/ sun butter
L: med chicken w/ sweet potato hash (leftovers)
S: larabar
D: Chicken salad wrap w/ broccoli