Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 4- Taryn

I am doing so much better today! It helps that we don't have anything scheduled today. Not very much fun for my kids that we're just home all day, but I need it sometimes.

I drank my water, did push ups, and then ate my breakfast. Still very yummy and flavorful, but I think I will try something different for breakfast tomorrow. I'm just ready for something new. The good thing about the quiches is that they really fill me up. SO much that I didnt even have my snack til about 30 mins before exercising which was perfect. I felt fueled for the exercise.

I was so happy to workout this morning, I did loose a little energy near the end, so I still think I need to actually eat my snack and half of lunch before working out (if I'm exercising in the middle of the day). I ate lunch immediately after and that felt really good.

I am feeling very productive today too! Took a shower, got caught up on laundry (the bane of my existence), and keeping the house semi-clean. Maybe I will take the girls to the grocery store for a fun outing! ;)

ps- where or what kind/brand of dark chocolate are you guys getting?

I want to keep a sort of food diary for myself for the future when I forget how to eat healthy, so this is more for me.

B: Quiche
S1: Pear w/ 2T sunflower seed butter
L: Chicken salad wrap
S2: peach w/ handful of almonds
D: Salmon w/ baked zucchini and squash

FYI: I'm not keeping completely with her food, just making sure that my snacks are whole foods and healthy. I never researched what EXACTLY is included in the paleo diet, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I am more hoping to just learn to make healthier choices when it comes to food.


  1. Yay Teense!!!! Good job! You did well yesterday despite your curveballs . . . And then went and made today even better !!!! :). It gives me hope for my day tomorrow! Today wasn't my best . . . So I hope I can follow your example and make tomorrow better!

  2. . . . And, I like how you listed your food. I might have to do that too . . . Good idea. :). By the way, how did you bake your squash and zucchini? I just steamed mine the other night cause I wasn't sure. --- and I get the Lindt chocolate bars, 90% cocoa (in the candy aisle). Not super sweet . . . But that's why Quinn and I have always liked them . . . (Bad thing is, I can eat a lot, for that same reason). ;)

  3. good job!! sounds like a good day. It's so nice to feel productive and energetic. that's how yesterday was for me. I got Ghirrardelli 86%. I usually get the Lindt one kj gets but I happened to see this one and it was only a few cents more. mmm, it's delish. Just had a square- RIGHT after dinner because I couldn't hold myself back.

  4. Okay, looks like I will be buying some chocolate tomorrow!

    Kj, I cut up the zucchini and squash, put it in a bowl and poured some olive oil on it (just enough to coat it- i'd guess 1 1/2 to 2 TBS), then I sprinkled some oregano on and mixed it again. Spray a cookie sheet and spread it all out into one layer (or as close as you can to one layer) and then I sprinkled a little shredded parmesan cheese over it. Cook at 350 for 25-30 mins. Salt and pepper to taste afterward! Again, not sure if this is fitting the paleo diet (carrie do you know?) but it is still very healthy (minimal oil, minimal cheese). You could even omit the cheese. It doesn't get crunchy or anything, in fact its pretty much the same as steaming.

  5. yeah, I'd say omit the cheese to make it paleo friendly. a quick paleo lesson is ELIMINATE- gluten and dairy, sugar (except sugar found naturally in foods like fruit) MINIMIZE- fruit
    GET- protein, healthy fat (in moderation), and non-starchy vegetables, water

  6. i know sarah has read up on it too. sare, anything to add?