Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1- Taryn

So the first day of the challenge was not off to a good start for me. I was coming off a hard/busy weekend and had pre-school at my house which I wasn't as prepared for as I wanted to be, which led to me staying up waaaaay late on Sunday night getting things ready. Then Monday morning I was still running around trying to get things prepared for school, that I didn't drink my water. No excuses though, I should have had the water bottle by my bed, but to be honest I was deliriously tired and I forgot! I know you are thinking how could you forget that we were starting this big 30 day challenge after you read and planned and wrote and shopped? I don't know either. I need more sleep. I didn't work out yesterday either :( However, it did make me more pumped for today! Silver lining right?

I did eat the quiches for breakfast and it was SO good! I was really happy to know that I do enjoy it because I truly dislike eggs. I cooked the quiches totally wrong and they still turned out delicious! (The things I did wrong when cooking: I didn't add water and instead of adding a little eggs to the muffin tins, sprinkling with veggies, and adding more I accidentally added all the eggs and then sprinkled all the veggies on top and didn't have any egg to add on top of the veggies). I put red bell pepper, turkey bacon (only two pieces for the 12 tins), broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, and onion in because I love onions. Some probably would not want to have onions for breakfast but I knew that a) I brush my teeth right after breakfast and b) I need that flavor to mask the egg flavor (a funny thing to say when you are eating eggs). Even Olivia, who is the pickiest eater in the world and has a really sensitive nose and constantly tells me dinner stinks and won't even let anyone eat next to her because she can smell their food, said it smelled good!! I think I will make a second batch for my family! Its the easiest breakfast ever. I might get tired of it after a few days so I am glad to have more options.

I am happy to try again today and already drank 32 oz of water so far! Hope everyone else is still pumped :)

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  1. I'm glad you stuck with it anyway, and came back renewed today! Good job Teense, and thanks for sharing!