Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2~ Carrie

Today was really good!  Overall, I liked all of these meals better than yesterday.  Especially the chicken salad wraps.  And I did better at eating them without too much time in between.   I DO feel like I have to go to bed kind of early, otherwise I would be dying for more food.  But that's okay, it's good to get sleep.

I was surprised at how sweaty I got in the workout.  I didn't think it looked that hard.  It makes me feels like I must be burning fat!  : )  I don't know if that's what it means but I don't usually sweat that much when I work out.  Actually I've been sweating a lot more in general.  All day I've felt really hot.

I definitely think it helps to be prepared.  Tonight after the kids go down, I'll look over everything for tomorrow, write down what I need to get at the store (I only shopped through Wednesdays meals), check the day's schedule and figure out where the workout and meals will fit best, and see if there's anything I can prep tonight.

I'll eat my last meal in about an hour.  I only ate one snack so far so I'll probably have another one a couple hours after dinner because I know I'll be hungry.  And then I'll try to be in bed by 10.


  1. Nice job! Did you end up adding any food or carbs today? I was really sweaty today too :) It felt good!

  2. no, i didn't. i was really busy today so i didn't have a lot of time to think about being hungry. so i still haven't even eaten my second snack. i'll probably do that after the kids go down. they just went to a party where i was offered pizza, cake, icecream and candy. i'm glad this was on the 2nd day and not halfway through when my willpower is lacking.