Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13 and 14- Taryn

Yesterday was a rough one for me. I have previously been exercising everyday and eating fine, but my house was a huge mess. I also have been needing to color my hair for months and keep putting it off, but with the gala coming up I needed it to for sure be done! You have to have dirty hair too when you color it, so that has been an issue because I want to do it, then I miss doing it and I have to wash my hair and then I have to wait a day or two again. Anyway, during nap time I colored my hair, showered, and cleaned the house instead of exercising. We hadn't made definitive plans to go out that night, but I was hoping that Brady would take a break so we could all go to the pumpkin farm. After the girls woke up I texted him and he said no, so I started making dinner and then all the sudden he changed his mind and said he did want to go! I had just started dinner so it wasn't done- meaning I had nothing to bring with me, but I hurried and got the girls dressed and we rushed off to get him and go.

Bad idea going to somewhere like this without having eaten. I ended up eating a apple cider donut and a few sips of root beer because I was just starving. It was a double bad feeling knowing I also didn't exercise. Also, I'm getting sick :( My throat has been hurting for a few days now. Hoping it just goes away, but it seems to be sticking around which worries me.

I am having some meat issue too. I HATE the taste of leftover chicken so the chicken wraps aren't delicious to me anymore, today I had salad and couldn't even bring myself to put chicken on there so I didn't. I just ate a few extra almonds. As time continues this is definitely getting harder. I wish we had a little more leeway for paleo treats etc.

B: banana pancakes
S: larabar
L: chicken wraps
S: apple w/ sun butter
D: Apple cider donut and root beer

Day 14

LOVED the turkey burgers! Liv was so excited we were having "hamburgers" for dinner :) Scarlett is our little carnivore and gobbled 2 patties down, but she has loved everything that I've made as far as meat, even the salmon and tuna patties :) She is lucky, she'll have no problems getting lots of protein in her diet when she's older unlike me ;)

B & S: fasting
L: Strawberry/Blueberry salad
S: Larabar
D: turkey burgers w/ sautéed zucc, squash, and onion


  1. if it makes you feel any better, you're doing WAY better than me. I've pretty much given up at this point, just because i'm getting ready to go out of town, the house is a mess, i need to pack the whole family, etc. i just don't have time to worry about meal planning so i'm snacking all day. ugh, maybe i'll give it another go after our trip but for now i'm just going to eat what i want. i AM going to try to plan some healthy snacks for the car but i'm not considering myself on the diet anymore because i want to just enjoy the trip without stressing over everything.

    it makes me sad because after the one week i could totally tell my body was changing. i feel pretty confident that this works, but the whole meat thing is not easy and i don't know if it's healthy either. anyway, i hope this comment doesn't discourage you. i'm actually TRYING to do the opposite. i want you to be proud of yourself because you're doing GREAT, and i'm totally impressed!

  2. Its not depressing me :) I wouldn't be on it either if I was going out of town. I think your smart to just be ready to eat what you want and not feel bad about it. I have lost weight being on this diet and I also feel like it works awesome when combined with working out. But I LOVE treats, so its just getting harder to say no to everything...that was what I was saying with the "I wish we had more leeway for paleo snacks". I have found some things I like- turkey burgers, tuna patties, that lemon chicken, sauteed zucc and squash with onions, quiche, paleo muffins, banana pancakes! Not that you needed to know ALL that, but I feel like this is definitely a good base for eating healthy in the future, which is really why I did it in the first place! I'm going to keep trying, but I don't blame you for stopping. I will likely make more mistakes in the next 2 weeks but I have to keep reminding myself that even with the mistakes its way better than I was eating before. I definitely needed this to kick start myself into a healthier lifestyle!

  3. I just read your comment, Carrie . . . and I TOTALLY get it. I'm pretty positive I wouldn't do this diet either, if I were going out of town. In fact, when mom was mentioning yesterday, how you guys were going to meet them in California . . . that was my first thought, "oh boy, how is she going to do that!!!". So I totally don't blame you. I just posted an update, and I kind of referred to this exact thing. After this 30 days, I will eat what ever I want when I'm on vacation, or on a date, or it's a holiday, etc. For the day to day, this paleo thing is great! But it isn't realistic (or fun) for special occasions. I hope you have a GREAT trip, and enjoy EVERYTHING about it, to the fullest!!!!! Like you guys have said, we've learned a great way to eat, gotten some great recipes and ideas for meals . . . so it's still been a success. :)