Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work it out!

Every night before bed, I decide what workout I'm going to do in the morning. I change it up pretty much every day (between toning, turbokick, brazil butt lift, etc), but one of my new favorites is Tone It Up, on YouTube. I love these workouts. They're FREE and they're GOOD!

I've done probably 5 of them and they're all pretty quick. they're usually a set of 5 or so moves that you do in 3 intervals. I found these videos through Fresh.Fit.Fashionable. I love that she makes it so easy, with all kinds of workouts linked up to try. I've tried some of the yoga and pilates, too. I get out of bed, start the video and just do it until my kids wake up. (usually about 30 minutes after I start. sometimes I'll let them watch a cartoon until I'm done). You need an exercise ball and weights.

This video is one of the first ones I did when I finally decided to get in shape FOR REAL. I was so sore the next few days. I LOVE to be sore because it means I got a good workout and I'm on my way to seeing some change.

If you're feeling like it's just too hard to fit in the workouts with all that you've got going on, remember:

Stick to a healthy diet. That's the most important thing!

That doesn't mean to starve or deprive yourself. Just take care of yourself.


And change the way you look at a workout. Try and find ways to be active:

race your little ones to the car or into the grocery store.

do squats at night while you watch your favorite show.

take the stairs instead of the elevator.

play actively at the park with your children, instead of watching from the bench.

have a dance party with your kids every night before bed.

If your kids are a big part of your life and make working out seem impossible, make your 'workout' a fun, mommy/kid thing.

Your 'workout' doesn't HAVE to be a BIG, scheduled deal, with weights, a gym membership, and a personal trainer and nutritionist. That's just not practical if you've got kids that you want to spend time with.

You can do it all on your own. I even think stretching in the morning can be a really good workout. Especially for someone who hasn't worked out in awhile. Start with some squats and jumping jacks (something to warm you up) and then think of stretches for every single inch of your body. You'll feel much more energetic throughout the day. Try it!


  1. ooohhh! thanks for sharing those links! I'm excited to check them out!:)

  2. Good stuff! I NEEEEED to do this! Thanks Care!!