Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thanks for your posts Carrie! They've been really helpful. You're so positive which makes me feel bad posting this, but maybe somebody else feels more like me and this will be helpful to them...

I'm really excited to get healthy and fit better in my clothes, but I'm having hard time staying motivated to work as hard as I need to. I eat better than I did, but not great. I'm exhausted so much of the time that I don't have the energy to get up and work out before the kids are up. They get up at 6:30 (and that's after playing in their room for at least half an hour). By the time they're all in bed at 8 I just want to straighten the house or relax, so exercise doesn't work out then either. I'm at the point where I get dressed in the morning and it just makes me feel yucky and instead of motivating me to work harder so that my jeans don't create rolls over the top, I get depressed and want to give up.

Sorry about the downer, but I'm still working on it. I got rid of the junk in our house, so when I feel snacky I'm snacking on healthy things. I'm hoping that a while of doing this will make enough of a difference that I'll start to feel like its not a losing battle and I'll regain some confidence and motivation.

All that being said, my current go to breakfasts are...
Egg Mcmuffins: egg whites and turkey sausage on sandwich thins (found in the bread isle)
some people use english muffins (which is probably a better idea) and canadian bacon
About 250 calories (depending on how many eggs you use)

egg <span class=
Whole Wheat Bagel with fat free strawberry cream cheese (I spread mine pretty thin because that's how I like it)
About 280 calories (depending on how much cream cheese you use)

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  1. oh, i definitely went through that stage too! don't apologize. but now i'm to the stage where i'm really enjoying this and i'm starting to see the results of my hard work, which makes me want to work harder.

    DON'T. GIVE. UP!

    you can do it! i think that's a really good step, getting rid of junk in the house. i also make sure i'm stocked up on healthy, EASY, snacks. there's not a lot of time for preparation when you're a busy mom, so it helps to have some frozen grapes in the freezer, some raw veggies to dip into yogurt and ranch mix, or some yogurt with granola or cereal. and drink water all day to keep you full.

    also, (sorry for the long comment) something that i think has helped me MOST is going to bed within an hour or two after the kids. maybe you already do this but i try my hardest to be in bed by 10. then i wake up at 6 for my scripture study and workout. it's working for me but it sounds like your kids get up earlier than mine, so i know that's got to be really difficult. BUT remember, 'abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym'. the most important thing is that you're eating well. you can get exercise by being active with your kids! think outside the box.