Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BR: Day 3 Week 1

I hope no one gets tired of me posting my body rock results. It helps me to have a place to record them, where I'll be able to take a quick look at the end of the 30 days.

27 days to go!

Today was a good day. I sweat a lot by the end of the workout and it felt SO GOOD!

word of the day: DETERMINATION

12 minute cardio, core, and resistance (international love workout)

  1. Superman Push-ups (did them on my knees and lifted one arm on the way up) 10
  2. Elevated Push-up’s & L&R knee to elbow touch with the Swiss Ball (did them on my knees and then came up on my toes for the elbow touches. probably would have gotten less of these but i forgot to loop the timer, so i had done a few before i started the 50 seconds again. then i waited 30 seconds in, to continue) 11
  3. Squat & Press with the Pink Sandbag (used 5 pound weights instead of the sandbag) 15
  4. Ugi Clean & Press + Jump Forward + 3 x Squat Jumps (without ugi ball) 8
  5. Reverse Pull-Ups on Dip Station (just did regular girl-style push ups) 10
  6. Side Jump Burpee + 2 knee to elbow Oblique Abs + Tuck Jump Centre (Alternate Sides) 6
  7. Forward Lunge + Side Lunge + Knee Lift. (Alternate Legs) with the Pink Sandbag (sans bag) 12
  8. Ugi Ball Push-up & Burpee + Sumo L&R Knee Touch. (without the ugi ball) 7
  9. Tricep Dip + Kickout V Abs with the Dip Station (did them on the side of my bed, knees bent, raising one leg when i came up) 21
  10. Overhead Abs with the Pink Sandbag (with a 5 pound weight. legs straight) 11
  11. Sandbag Shoulder Lift + Squat + Switch Shoulder Press with the Pink Sandbag (i think i used 8 lb weights for this one) 9
  12. Speed Run 120


Seans Shoulder & Legs Time Trial Weighted Workout

  1. Low Jacks Press x 15 (used 8 lb weight)
  2. Single Arm Lateral Raise/Lunge x 15 each side (5 lb weight and switched back and forth until i reached 30. probably sped up my time)
  3. Firemans Lift x 30 (15 each side) (8 lb weight)
  4. Single Arm Press Lunge x 15 each side (5 lb weight)


**FINISH TIME: 19:58

(I can't believe HE finished in around 15 minutes and used WAY more weight than me)

By the third time through, I was tired and I had to chant my word of the day to myself: DETERMINATION. I am determined to see this through to the end. I will NOT give up. And after all that hard work, I feel SO GOOD. There's nothing like pushing yourself to the limit.

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