Monday, January 23, 2012

Body Rock Results and some goals

Day 1 Week 1
Body Rock 30 Day Challenge
(7 min. FIT TEST)

Squat Jump 27
Push Ups (girl style) 22
Burpees 17
High Knees 90
Switch Lunges 32
Tuck Jumps 24
Straight Abs 15

Word of the Day: PUSH

I created an interval timer for the fit test. Just push play and do as many of the indicated exercises as you can in the allotted time, then record your results in the ten second rest period. Go HERE.

BEFORE: (it was hard to get a great picture. i should have washed the mirror first, but also i had to use our camera lens that doesn't have auto focus, so i couldn't set the timer because it wouldn't focus on me. so i figure this is good ENOUGH)


I figured it was about time to set some goals, so I know what I"m working towards.


Starting date: 1-23
Ending date: 2-17

Beg. weight: 123
Ending weight: ?

My main goals are:
  • To improve on my Fit Test by 20%, by 2-17-12
  • See more definition in my body. Especially arms and abs (and a lifted bum would be nice too)
  • Feel some looseness in my jeans
  • Improve my posture
I don't really need to lose any weight. I'm actually really happy with where I am at the moment. I may even gain, if I'm building muscle, and I'd be totally happy with that. I just mostly want to FEEL good and LOOK good. I'm not too concerned with the scale. I'm looking for a TONED, muscular body.

I plan on reaching my goals by:
  • Doing the 30 day Body Rock challenge, Monday through Friday for 4 weeks
  • Continuing to eat smart and limit sugar and processed foods
  • Eating 5 small meals a day
  • Never skipping breakfast
  • Going to bed by 10 and getting up by 6:30
  • Drinking eight glasses of water/day
After my ending date (2-17), I'll make a new goal and continue from there.


  1. Nice job! I just did the fitness test...I'm not sure yet if I'll post my results. They weren't good. I'm okay with that because you've got to start somewhere, but I might not have the courage to post them until the end and then I'll post my start and finish. I don't know, we'll see.

  2. it might make you feel better if you scroll through the comments on the body rock site. some people post their results there. it might help you see that everyone starts at a different place and no one's judging you. we're all here to support each other. no one will laugh at you. you're doing something about it. you're not just giving up and deciding to continue on the same path. you're choosing to work hard to get results. but in the end, it's up to you. no pressure. i'm nervous about tomorrow's workout. i need to get some sleep tonight so i have enough energy to make it through in the morning. good luck!

  3. Way to go Sarie and Carrie!! So proud of you girls! Can't wait to hear all about your progress! :)