Saturday, January 21, 2012


I love to exercise! Let me share with you some of the workouts I've found, that have worked for me:

I JUST barely found this site called BODYROCK.TV and I'm really loving it. I did the workout in the video below, this morning and I've been walking funny today because my legs are so sore. Which I love! These people are SO FIT. It's really inspiring. Here's a list of linked up workouts to try. I might have to just go down the list one by one.

Remember 'Tone It Up', that I mentioned in this post?

Like I said, I've done quite a few of their workouts and I want to keep trying them, but there's an arm one I really like because, after you do it once or twice, it's pretty easy to remember. I throw it in when I want a little more of a workout. Like if I only do abs one morning and my body is craving a little more of a push.

Remember, you can click on 'You Tube' (on the bottom of the video) to watch this ON YouTube, where you can see all of their workouts on the sidebar. Try a new one every day! I think these are great. And, for me at least, it's motivating to watch someone who looks as good as these girls. I feel like I'm one step closer to being where they're at, by doing the workout with them.

And PLEASE read below:

Please believe it. It's true! Years ago, when I was in the best shape of my life, I had other girls asking me to give them tips. My biggest tip has always been, LIFT WEIGHTS but, without fail, they'd tell me they didn't want to get bulky and look like a man.

It always made me laugh. They came to ME for advice because they liked MY results. I told them how I got the results and they wouldn't listen. It just doesn't make sense. You WILL NOT look like a man unless you're lifting VERY heavy weights and taking steroids. Women don't have the amount of testosterone that men have so it's impossible for us to look like that naturally. Thank goodness!

One workout that I haven't yet tried, but might like to, are these dance workouts, with Julianne Hough. I love to dance and I love to exercise, so why not put the two together?


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  1. haha! I like that quote. . . . now if I could just not be the one on the couch . . .

    Thanks for all the "workout" ideas. Wow - to look like that! I agree with you about the weights . . . they are also a great fat burner!!