Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snack Time

I'm working hard on not eating junk all day. The trick is to eat every few hours and stay full.
In order to do this, I drink A LOT of water.

I also keep healthy snacks on hand, so that I have a good option when sugar is calling my name. (I have a major sweet tooth). Here are some of my favorite snacks lately:

1. Fat Free Frozen Yogurt. This tastes surprisingly delicious. I got chocolate (because you can't go wrong with chocolate) and I don't feel guilty eating it when my husband and I watch our favorite shows after the kids go to bed. I add some sliced almonds and soy milk (I've always added milk to my ice cream. Makes it taste like a milk shake. DELISH!)

2. Frozen Grapes. SUCH a good snack, and these are so delicious. They taste like bite sized grape popsicles. I'm absolutely hooked on these and will be keeping the freezer stocked. Directions: wash the grapes, let them dry on a towel on the counter, fill individual sandwich bags with them, and put in the freezer. Trust me, you WANT to try this! Oh, so good!!

3. Cocoa Roast Almonds. I went looking for cinnamon almonds and found these instead. The whole family loves them and they're a great healthy snack. (you can even add them to other sweet treats (like your frozen yogurt, see above).

I also got some of these 100 calorie Right Bites. Not very filling, but good for when you're craving candy or chocolate. Just make sure you don't fall into that trap of justifying "just one more bag" because they're only 100 calories. One at a time!

Oh! And one more. Sometimes I add a couple Tbls. Ranch dressing mix to plain yogurt and dip my veggies in it. I found this idea at Undressed Skeleton. Way better than sour cream!

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  1. I forgot about frozen grapes!!! We used to eat them in college . . . thanks for reminding me! I think my kids would LOVE them too . . . we go through popcicles like toilet paper! Grapes would give them a little added nutrients :)