Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this is so fun!

I'm loving this blog just for the fact that I feel more connected with my sistees!! I love hearing ideas from you guys.

Kjirst, I love your goals and your inspirational quote. It's so true, you just have to START if you want to reach your goals. Keep them attainable, or you set yourself up for failure. And I have a huge sweet tooth too. I don't tell myself I CAN'T have sugar, I just always promise myself I'll think first and if I can, I'll come up with a better option. That's why it's really helpful to have healthier sweet snacks available. Sometimes that's all you need to satisfy the craving.

You sent us an email awhile back and I have thought about that video every day since. It's pretty much become my life motto: 'When you don't give up, YOU CANNOT FAIL'.

I say it to myself for motivation in my all parts of my life (diet/workout/homeschooling/faith/motherhood) and I say it often to my boys (especially Colson, who likes to give up if he doesn't succeed the very first time). We have to be POSITIVE and keep trying. You slipped up on eating healthy? WHO CARES! That doesn't make you a failure. GIVING UP is what makes you a failure. KEEP TRYING.

You don't have to be perfect. Working hard at something is what makes you successful. I hope we can all be, to each other, what the father was to his son in the video. The support, the cheerleader, and the motivator. Love you girls!! You can do it!!


  1. Oh my sweet sister . . . I loved this post. I hope that we can be that support for each other also, in all aspects of our lives. Thanks for being so positive and inspiring! I love you!

  2. What a sweet post! I feel so blessed to have you girls as my sisters (in-law technically, but to me real sister:) I LOVE that video and needed to see it today! thanks for sharing!