Friday, January 27, 2012

BR Day 5 Week 1

word of the day: ACCOMPLISH

Lisa’s 400 Rep Workout Instructions: 'I Won't Give up Workout' (timed workout for abs)

The following exercises should be repeated four times through:

75 High Knee Skips

25 Knee Lifts using the Dip Station

Total 400 Reps combined.


Seans Weighted Workout Instructions (biceps):

Half Burpee Rows using the Pink Sandbag (8 lb weights)

Single Leg 1 arm rows (L&R) using the Pink Sandbag (8 lb weights)

Dip Station Arm Ups (i just did girl push ups and the third time through, i did the REALLY easy ones, where you bend at the hips. i was THAT fatigued!)

Jack Curls using the Pink Sandbag (8 lb weights)

Complete each exercises for 15 Reps for a total of three times.


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