Sunday, February 5, 2012

triumph and defeat

Like I mentioned in one of my BodyRock results posts, I was worried I'd do bad with my diet this weekend. Well, guess what happened. I did bad with my diet this weekend.

First, my TRIUMPH:
We had a birthday party to attend on Friday night- cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and three flavors of milk.

I didn't eat a single thing. I filled up on Turkey Rice Soup at home and steered clear of everything at the party. TRIUMPH!! woo-hoo!!


Then, my DEFEAT came the next two days:
I've been feeling tired lately (kind of how you feel when you're body is about to get sick), so I've just been low on energy and not very motivated. Brad went back to work on Friday and Saturday, and Penelope was not herself this weekend (whiny and clingy), so I felt like I didn't have any time to make anything healthy to eat. I just didn't feel motivated.

I skipped breakfast on Saturday all together and I snacked on cookie dough, icing, and sugar cookies ALL WEEKEND. bad bad bad. We're doing little dates with our kids each month and mine with Griffy is tomorrow. I made the sugar cookies for our date (we're going to make and decorate valentine's cookies and make some v'day decorations. I needed to get the sugar cookies made and frosted before the date, so that we can decorate them) and couldn't resist them. I wasn't PREPARED.


I'm proud of myself for doing every single workout so far, though. Like I said before, I really look forward to the workouts. They're quick and fun, and I always feel energetic and happy afterwards.

SO, I'll take this as an experience to learn from. I'm going to bed right now. I'm going to get a GOOD sleep and hopefully my body will be able to fight off whatever sickness is trying to get in. Tomorrow, I'll EAT BREAKFAST, and stay active. Just because I had some weak moments, doesn't mean I should give up.

Part of tomorrow's workout is the FIT TEST that we did on the first day, so I'm REALLY excited to see how I've improved (and a little scared there won't be any improvement : [ ).

How's everyone else doing? Any triumphs or defeats for YOU?

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  1. Way to go Carrie!! I'm excited to see your fit test progress!! @ your "defeats" I'm so impressed by your outlook and how you've just decided that you will start over the next day and that you have a good plan in place to get right back on track! I'm anxious to see your results---very motivating!! keep up the great work!