Thursday, February 2, 2012

BR: Day 5 Week 2

word of the day: PREPARE

this is the word lisa marie used and i thought it was perfect. i've been feeling nervous that i'm going to cheat on my diet because i'm starting to get tired and brad went back to work today, so it would be a whole lot easier to give up on the diet and eat what i want. the word, 'PREPARE' reminds me that i CAN keep going. i just need to CHOOSE to. i need to take the necessary steps to prepare myself for the weekend. today, i'll probably go to the grocery store to restock on healthy food, and i'll make smart choices throughout my day.

yesterday brad and i had the opportunity to go on a date because my friend offered to watch the kids. we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory. hadn't been there for years and it was SO yummy. we DID make a smart choice to split a meal. so we each got a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette, about 4 crab raviolis, and we shared the scoop of ice cream. i decided to treat it like my cheat meal, so i treated myself to a vanilla italian creme soda, and sourdough bread and butter. we also got some yummy crunchy bread with olive spread. it was such a treat and so yummy, but definitely not on the diet, so i need to eat better this weekend. i was pretty proud of us for sharing though, because even though it was a cheat meal, we didn't want to overdo it. and it saved us some money. we were still STUFFED afterwards. we both agreed that there's no way we could have eaten a whole meal to ourselves.


i didn't want to do the workout this morning, but now that it's over i feel so good and i'm glad that i did it. i have to remember this feeling every morning, to motivate me to just plow through it.

Lisa’s 600 Rep Workout

Set your BodyRocker interval timer to a stop watch and do the following 6 Exercises as quickly as you can. (i didn't use any weights)

100 High Knee Skips

100 Lunge kicks (50 each leg) using the Pink Sandbag

100 High Knee Skips

100 squats using the Pink Sandbag

100 High Knee Skips

25 Straight Abs

25 V Abs Left

25 V Abs Right

25 Bicycle Abs


Seans’s Weighted Workout:

Set your interval timer to a stop watch and set it for 3 minutes and do as many of the following exercises below giving yourself 3 mins for each exercise. 6 minutes in total for both.

Bicep Curls using the Pink Sandbag (5lbs) 50

Bent Over Row using the Pink Sandbag (8lbs and 5lbs back and forth) 90

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