Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 5 Week 3

oh my goodness! i'm so excited! i've completed three weeks and only have ONE LEFT. in the beginning, i thought this was a 6 week program (where they're only counting the days you actually work out), but they're counting by week, so the 30 days is counted over 4 weeks. makes sense now, and it's so nice that i have ONE week left, rather than 3! and i haven't missed ANY of the workouts.

i really wish i had been able to eat better. i started out really well. my downfall was when i got lazy and didn't write out a menu for the week. i need a menu because that makes me go grocery shopping and then i know i have everything i need to make my meals. otherwise, i don't make real meals and i start to snack. i'm not good at looking in the pantry and making something up.

don't laugh at me if i don't look any different after the 30 days. i FEEL better and i've lost a couple of pounds, but nothing substantial. i do feel like i'm more toned, but i'm not sure anyone else would notice. we'll see.

i'm planning to continue after the 30 days is up though, so hopefully i'll see more and more results month by month.

here's lisa-marie's timed workout:

Set your interval timer to a stopwatch. You will perform the following workout twice through.

25 Push Ups (girl style- oh my gosh. i'm so bad at push ups. it's so hard to do more than maybe 10, without losing the correct form)

100 High Knee Skips

25 Knee Tucks (i put my legs up on a chair and did sit ups)

100 High Knee Skips

25 Squats using 8 lb weights, held to my chest

100 High Knee Skips

25 Triceps on the edge of a chair

TIME: 13:25

Sean Workout in 3 Rounds. Set your interval timer for 10/50 (i used 8 lb. weights on all of these)

Wide Grip Pull Up/Bicep Curls using The PINK sandbag (i did 10 wide push ups, girl style, then 10 biceps curls- all of that equals one rep) 1 1 1

One Arm Row Right 37 33 34

One Arm Row Left 33 33 33

Reverse Grip Pull Up Using The Pink Equalizer (i did a row with weight in both hands, and lifted one leg behind me, each time i brought the weights down) 18 20 22

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