Monday, February 6, 2012

BR: Day 1 Week 3

I'm so happy to have gotten to week 3!! Not without any difficulty (see last post) but I'm happy I made it here.

word of the day: POSITIVE

like I said last night, I've been feeling weird lately, like I'm going to get sick. When I went to do the workout today, I was not feeling very energetic but I was going to complete this workout if it killed me. Today was a repeat of the fit test, along with a chest and triceps weighted workout.

Here are the fit test resluts (first week's score/today's score): timer set to rounds of 50/10

Squat jump- (27/33)
Push up- (22/17) no, i really didn't get these backwards. i really DID do better the first week
Burpees- (17/20)
High Knees- (90/130)
Switch Lunges- (32/38)
Tuck Jumps- (24/27)
Straight Abs- (15/17)

So, when I was done, I felt like I was going to die. My throat was KILLING me and I was shaky and felt very weak. I got some water and laid down on my bed for awhile (all of the boys were gone and p'nell was napping). There was no way I was going to be able to do the weights yet, so I waited a few hours.
I just finished the weights and they were HARD. i set the interval timer to rounds of 2.00/20. Each of the three exercises was performed for 2 minutes, followed by a twenty second rest. then I repeated it all once more, for a total of 12:00 minutes.

  • Push-up and then a dip on a chair 11/11
  • 21's-7 wide push-ups with a mountain climber, 7close grip pushups with a leg lifts, and 7 diamond pushups with legs jumping out and in 1/1 (the first time through, my diamond pushups were really sad, barely bending my arms because they were so tired. the second time through, starting with the close-grip pushups on, I was doing the 'easier than girl pushups' version, bending at the hips and barely going down)
  • Chest press off Balance Ball, with 8 lb weights 32/41
And now I am officially worn out and my shoulders are starting to cramp. I'm going to go guzzle a ton of water.

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