Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 3 Week 3

This is a repeat of LAST wednesday's workout. word of the day: STRONG

Lisa-Marie’s Resistance, Cardio & Core Workout:

Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 6 exercises twice through.

Clean & Press (8lb weights) 14 13

Squat Leaps 33 33

3 Tier Push ups 15 12

Reverse Pull Ups using the Dip Station 8 20 (the reason the numbers look like this is because i wasn't prepared with the broomstick suspended between two chairs and i didn't want to stop, so the first round i just did close grip pushups but my arms were totally shot so i couldn't do many. i got the broom prepared during a couple of the 10 second rest periods, so it was all really rushed. and even in the second round, i didn't do them very well, because i don't think the broom is the best method. it's too close to the ground so i don't get a full range of motion)

Squat & Press (8lb weights) 19 19

Switch Lunge’s 38 40

it was fun to look back to last week, when we did this same workout. i improved slightly on everything (except the reverse pull ups).

i was also supposed to do sean's weighted workout but didn't get the chance, so i'll do it tomorrow.

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