Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BR: Day 3 Week 2

word of the day: WORK

and WORK, i did! this was HARD!! i feel like i say that every day now. the workouts seem to be getting harder and harder. i've even gotten brad on board now! he's starting to do the workouts with me!! what keeps me motivated is that i'm already feeling and seeing a difference in my body, so i'm getting really excited to see the difference after 30 days. it keeps me from cheating with my diet during the week, because i don't want to mess up my progress.

Sean’s Workout:

Sean’s workout is 3 Rounds of 15 Reps Per Exercise. ( i used my 8 lb weights for all of these since i don't have a sandbag )

Sand Bag Swing

Sand Bag Up Right Row

Sand Bag Squat Jump Press

Sand Bag Lunge Press Side Turn


(BRAD'S: 10:50)

Lisa-Marie’s Resistance, Cardio & Core Workout:

Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 6 exercises twice through.


Clean & Press using the Pink Sandbag (8lb weights) 13 12

Squat Leaps 28 30

3 Tier Push ups 14 16

Reverse Pull Ups using the Dip Station (broomstick between 2 chairs) 15 23

Squat & Press using the Pink Sandbag (using 8lb weights) 19 18

Switch Lunge’s 32 36

Brad's scores:

  1. 25 23
  2. 24 20
  3. 22 20
  4. 26 21
  5. 25 20
  6. 30 36


  1. So jealous . . . makes me wish I was doing it with you!! I'm excited for you -- that you are seeing results! ~ How are you doing Sarie?

  2. I did awesome the first week, but I got strep throat on Monday. I got medicine yesterday, so I'm starting to feel better, but it destroyed my week. I'm just going to start over from the beginning on Monday. Eric said he'd do it with me. You can too Kjirst! Expect to be sore, but also to feel totally empowered! So now I'll be 2 weeks behind you Care, but that will also give me more motivation, right?!

  3. or you could just continue where you left off and start from week two. brad just started this week, so he did the fit test on monday, and then the next day he just started doing the same workout i was doing. just a thought, but if you want to start over from week one, that's good too. and yea that eric is doing it too!

  4. I would really like to do it too . . . hearing the progress you gals are making is motivating. I just don't know if I could hang. I am SO out of shape at the moment . . . but I did exercise twice this week! Yay!! Sorry that you got so sick Sarie. For some reason, that always seems to happen to me when I start a new workout regimen. I sometimes wonder if it's my body's way of saying, "whoa . . . slow down", or if it's just unfortunate timing? I don't know. Anyway, I hope you feel better. Love you girls!