Sunday, September 29, 2013


so, i know we're starting the paleo challenge and there are specific workouts we're already supposed to do on there, but I already had this post started so I thought I might as well get it posted.  Here are some great resources for workouts and inspiration online.

do yoga with me is a great site with all the yoga routines you could ask for in varying levels and timeframes.  it's free but you can donate money to keep it going.  LOVE this site when my body has been through the ringer and I'm feeling tight.  And don't be fooled, some of these are dang hard and will make you sweat!

brett cap.  maybe a little 'hollywood' but I've done a few of his workouts and really like them.  and he's got some vidoes on nutrition too.

we all know gillian michaels from 'The Biggest Loser'.  I love to do her videos on youtube.   She's got some good ones like 30 day shred, 6 pack in six weeks, yoga, etc.

the daily hiit.  My go-to workout site.  Used to be bodyrock.  Love it!!  So many quick, high intensity workouts.  They work.  They really do.  They've gotten me into some really good shape and you can always fit them into your day.  A good place to start is clicking 'check out today's workout' on the homepage.  That's what I do mostly, but as you get more familiar with it, you can explore.  Often, they have challenges you can do too.  They've also got some new hosts which I think has helped a bit with the 'trashy' issue.

thalita pascual is a personal trainer and bodybuilder.  This is a link to her instagram.  I just like her for inspiration.  She works SO hard for her body.  She posts small clips of her workouts, inspirational quotes, meals, and pictures.  I get a lot of inspiration from her, to keep pushing and never give up.  I have learned though, that some things that motivate me, totally do the opposite for others, so I don't know if anyone would feel the same.

ab ripper x.  P90X ab workout.  me and brad do this every other day (and he does it with the guys he works with too).  11 moves, 25 reps of each.  It's good.  Funny, cause we watched one of the ab videos in the paleo challenge and it's seriously a copy of this one, with a few minor changes, but same moves in the same order.

Zuzka Light.  She charges now for her ZCut : ( , but you can still get some free videos of her older workouts (ZWODs and ZWOWs) and some diet help

Tone It Up.  Love their workouts.  tabs at the top of the page so you can read about fitness or nutrition.  simple but effective.

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