Saturday, April 7, 2012

No Sugar?


how are you doing with no sugar? i've been trying to do it, but i fail every day and then start over. so far today, i've made it but the day is only halfway through. there was a neighborhood egg hunt yesterday and i was going to be good, but of course there was a really good cake there that i just couldn't pass up and ended up eating my own piece, and then finishing both boys' pieces for them. -sigh-

i'm trying to incorporate 5 small meals into my day instead of just breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because i do get really snacky after a couple hours of not eating. i think that's going to help me, if i can stay committed to it.

the boys have tons of candy from the egg hunt and i haven't eaten a single piece! so that's a start. i just know i'm really addicted so it'll take time. aside from the video you posted, one of my friends posted an article on facebook about how sugar can age you.

i'm realizing that i need to make a big change in my eating habits. i think, if i really can give up sugar, i'll look younger, feel younger, have more energy (won't feel like taking a nap halfway through the day), and be more fit. doesn't that sound great?


  1. Carrie,
    I broke down on saturday and ate chocolate:( I felt SO bad!! I should have just waited till after Easter to start, but I thought I could really do it! we had to be out of our house for a showing on saturday so I never ate lunch and then we headed to our neighborhood easter party and that was all there was to eat (the easter candy from the kids, or nasty store bought cookies, so I ate chocolate!) On the upside, I ate WAY less than I normally would have, but I'm disappointed in myself!
    I'm trying to get Mike on board with me so that we can just get rid of it at home and so we don't have it around the house tempting us.
    After I ate the chocolate, I felt slugish that after noon. So not worth it!!! So I'm back to square one, BUT I'm not giving up!

  2. yeah, easter probably wasn't the best time to start, huh? I've made it 3 days! i feel like it's getting a little easier, even though it's still not 'easy'. i look at it as if all i have to do is say, 'no'. that's the hardest part. it's almost a habit for me to eat any sugar that comes within my path. it's hard for me to remember that i do have a choice.

    good for you for not giving up! even when you give in one day, it doesn't mean you've FAILED. you just have to start over from there. it IS really disappointing though, when you've been working at it so hard, but you made it like a week or so, didn't you? good luck!