Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a tip and a triumph

I have a hard time drinking enough water in a day. Which is kind of funny, because I only drink water. I don't drink soda or anything, but I just kind of forget to drink altogether and therefore end up dehydrated.

I started using this tip from Bodyrock, and it really works for me.

I use a dry erase marker to write on the glass, how many times I've filled it up. It motivates me to drink more, too, when my goal is at least 8 glasses and the cup still has a 4 on it. Then I know I really need to step it up. So every time I finish a glass of water, I fill it back up and change the number.


Also, I just had to record my triumph for today! I did ten guy push-ups and felt like I could've kept going!! Up until now, I pretty much always do push-ups from my knees. It made me feel so proud and strong! Awesome. It's always good to see your hard work pay off. I've been bodyrocking for two full months now, and still LOVE-ING IT!!!

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